What are possible solutions to the kashmir dispute?

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  • Pete'R
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    10 years ago
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    Re-unite India!

  • 3 years ago

    that is exciting that you wanted a civilized communicate without conflict of words yet you respond to Amit's reaction as illogical. nicely you've coated the answer as a million determination on your question. Pakistan believes in this 2 united states idea, India does no longer. Pakistan develop into created for the muslim majority parts of British India. via this common sense (that Kashmir develop right into a muslim majority kingdom) Nepal could merge with India because it truly is 80+% Hindu. 8. the really accessible answer seems is status quo. as a lot as i desire India to take again the state of Jammu and Kashmir that is not accessible to have any new borders because of our authorities. except for ask your self - Will Pakistan comply with plebiscite contained in the finished state of Jammu Kashmir, including the Gilgit and Baltistan parts which Pak doesn't even evaluate it element of JK and made it a province bcos it truly is a strategic land connecting Pak to China! - no longer really India, yet China or perhaps Pakistan do not desire an independent Kashmir contained in the area. If the so talked about as "Azad Kashmir" is an independent united states why does it can abide via the Pakistan structure and by no potential note for UN club like Palestine tried this 12 months! @ zam zam dude you want to study the UN decision (examine u.s. 40 seven surpassed in 1948.) It demands Pakistan to first vacate its infantrymen, tribesmen and militants from J-ok, and hand it to India. India to have minimum military there and then a UN mandated plebiscite.

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