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Longer versions of the name Carrie?

Okay, I love the name Carrie, but what are some longer versions of the name? Please don't suggest Carrigton, or Carol/Caroline/Carolina(can't use those). Middle name would either be Mattea or Gabriella.

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    -- Carys

    -- Carissa

    -- Caralie

    -- Carla

    -- Carmella / Carmel

    -- Carly

    -- Carlin

    -- Carson (I don't like this but I know some people do)

    -- Karen

    -- Charlotte

    -- Corinne

    But I honestly like Carrie by itself :)

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  • Cara Mattea

    Carissa Mattea

    Carlie Mattea

    Christine Mattea / Gabriella

    Christa Gabriella

    Clarissa Mattea / Gabriella

    Clarisse / Clarice Mattea / Gabriella

    Clara Mattea / Gabriella

    Claire Mattea / Gabriella

    That was kinda hard, but hopefully you figure out something! I do like Carrie as a full name too. It's my older cousin's full name. Some of these I put may be a stretch, but that was tough. =P


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    Carrianne Mattea

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    a million. Abigail Marie Blakeworth 2. Olivia Caroline Blakeworth 3. Sophia Mae Blakeworth 4. Eva Claire Blakeworth 5. Audrey Grace Blakeworth 6. Colton James Blakeworth 7. Jackson Isaac Blakeworth 8. Andrew Thomas Blakeworth 9. Noah Christopher Blakeworth 10. Avery Charles Blakeworth Abby, Livy, Sophie, Eva, Audrey, Colt, Jack, Drew, Noah and Avery.

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    Cara -- "CARE-uh"

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    There are none.

  • karina?

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