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What can one take for digestive system health?

Read that most of the immune system depends on the health of the digestive system.

Any recommendations?

Thank you!

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    crypto power chlorella is great , it is considered a superfood , it is a whole food which is great , and it causes your friendly flora to increase , it is 22.00 for a bottle of 300 , I do not sell it btw , it also normalizes blood sugar in a 2 or 3 months taking 15 or so a day , it is very blood cleansing also , it

    has a lot of chlorophyll in it , it replaces many isolated supplements since it is packed with most of what the body needs , also get a good multi probiotic like pb8 , look up pb8 on yahoo search ,

    pb8 is 8 different strains of live cultures , when I took antibiotics , pb8 brought my digestion back to normal


    and aloe force aloe vera juice is very powerful

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    The old saying an apple a day!!! never a truer word was spoken. Apples are a great way of getting digestive problems under control, ie heartburn, gas, bloating etc. they keep everything moving along.

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    listed here are some good ones save on with hyperlink under to view them of their entirety Digestive well being coaching 10 coaching on Belching, Bloating, and Flatulence 8 coaching on Peptic Ulcer ailment 5 coaching on Swallowing and Heartburn 5 coaching on meals and ageing 5 coaching on Gallstone ailment 6 coaching on Hepatitis 4 coaching on Circulatory subject concerns of the GI Tract 5 coaching on Use of drugs 5 coaching on Irritable Bowel Syndrome 10 coaching on Hemorrhoids 5 coaching on Inflammatory Bowel ailment 10 coaching on Constipation and Incontinence of Stool 10 coaching on nutritional Fiber 5 coaching on Diverticular ailment

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    i use aloe vera juice for any digestive issues, such as constipation etc.

    aloe vera has many uses, this just being one of them.

    try it, it works!

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