What is the definition of discretionary powers?

i can't really get a good enough definition.

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    Serves you right for not answering hers ;)

    Anyway... something discretionary is something I *can* do, but don't have to. If I've paid for everything I have to pay for, the money left over is "discretionary". That means I can spend it on what I want. A discretionary power is a power I can apply which would definately affect people, but I can do it when I want... or not at all. Judges have discretionary powers to tell people to shut up, leave the courtroom, things like that. A restaurant has the discretionary power not to serve you if they don't like something about you - you're not dressed properly, for instance.

    When discretionary powers are abused it can hurt people.

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    Definition Of Discretionary

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    Define Discretionary

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    What is the definition of discretionary powers?

    i can't really get a good enough definition.

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    Discretionary power means the power to take a decision objectively after assessing the situation and considering all options or alternatives available to the person who takes the decision.

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    A Council of Ministers is voted out and after resigning advises the President to dissolve, the Lok Sabha and hold fresh elections (or resigns and advises so without being voted out). The President is expected to exercise his discretion in such circumstances as much of the Lok Sabha's life may still be intact and it is worthwhile to explore the possibility of forming an alternative Government. While exercising a pocket veto. Disqualifying members of the legislature when the Council's advice is not taken. Can return the advice of the Council of Ministers once for its reconsideration. hope this would help you best of luck!!!!!!!!!!

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