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What is the best online trading site?

I'm using ING Direct's Sharebuilder right now, but I'm hardly impressed. I can't buy SPX or many others I want. What's the best one to go with? E-Trade, Scottrade, etc?

Also, is there anyway I can get all my investments transferred over, or do I have to sell it all and buy it again?

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    All major brokerage firms provide their clients with on-line services, including trading platforms, latest market & financial news and research.

    Customer need to select the site that is best for them. Traders have requirements in a site, while investors have other requirements.

    Although most sites are geared to general securities and commodities, however customers may have special needs for the types of products they trade, and the markets in which they trade. For example I use Fidelity for investing. Scottrade for equities trading and ThinkorSwim for option trading

    It seems that the most popular firms for on-line investing/trading all of which provide excellent platforms and services are; Scottrade; Chas.Schwab; TDAmeritrade; Fidelity; E-Trade and Thinkorswim.

    You can have all the contents currently your account with your present brokerage firm to whomeever you select as you new firm. Just have the new firm provide you with the transfer form (ACATS form), you will sign them, attach a copy of your latest statement. Return them to your new brokerage firm and within 10 days all your account will move to the new firm

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    Binary options let users trade in currency pairs and stocks for various predetermined time-periods, minimal of which is 30 seconds. Executing trades is straightforward. The system uses user-friendly interfaces, which even an 8 years old kid, can operate without having to read any instructions. But winning trades is Not easy.

    Binary trading is advertised as the only genuine system that lets users earn preposterous amounts of money in ridiculously short period of time. Advertisers try to implicate as if you can make $350 every 60 seconds; if it was true then binary trading would truly be an astonishing business.

    However, does it make any sense? Can every trader make tons of money in binary trading? Who is actually paying all the money or the profit to traders?

    The first challenge is finding a trustworthy binary broker; secondly, you need to find a binary trading strategy, which you can use to make profits consistently. Without an effective trading strategy, there is no way you can make money in this business.

    Learning a profitable trading strategy is possible, You should watch this presentation video

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    E-Trade would not be on my list. If you're a trader, I would not try to trade through a browser or online platform. You need to download a dedicated trading platform to your computer with its own data feed. If you're an investor, it doesn't matter.

    Here are two excellent trading platforms

    I currently use NinjaTrader. Download for free; stock data feed will cost $45/mo. Futures and forex data feeds are free.

    The beauty here, is that you can take a look at forex and futures trading at no cost, and trade the simulator until you figure stuff out. I've never seen such low margins anywhere else; $500 to trade the mini futures stock indices and/or forex futures. You'll find the margin reguirements are $2700 to $4500 everywhere else. So you can open another account with just a few hundred dollars, and trade futures. Or open a mini forex account with $300 and trade the forex cash market.

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    The secret word of trading success is "organized". You can't be successful without a strategy, a plan and some kind of technological support. I use a software called "autobinary signals" that is helping me a lot. There are plenty of them on the market. I recommend this one because it's very easy to use (you don't have to be an expert or have special skills to make money with it).

    Check it out here. It's worth it:

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    ING Sharebuilder is built for people that know little to nothing about trading & simply will never know what their missing. E-Trade is better. Scottrade is better than both. Scottrade is better than average, but not much.

    Barron's just rated the top on-line brokers. Check out their choices. Pick the one that makes the most sense for you;

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    You can make money in binary options only if you treat it as a real form of investing. Learn here

    This means learning how it works, learning how to read charts and learning how you can make accurate predictions. All these are not that difficult but it takes some time. If you treat it as gambling and just make random predictions then you will obviously not win.

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