what is Regenerative braking?

what is Regenerative braking and how does it help

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    Regenerative braking is used in hybrid vehicles. The energy from braking that is normally just creates heat is instead used to help charge up the hybrid batteries.

    In the case of a hybrid, instead of just applying the brakes that rely on friction from the brake pads and/or shoes to slow down the vehicle, a hybrid's brakes may also use the electrical motor to slow the vehicle. When the motor is spun backwards (which is what happens when it is used for braking), the motor becomes a generator and the power it creates is sent to battery for later use when accelerating.

    This usually only happens when the vehicle is braking from slower speeds. Hybrid vehicles also have conventional brakes and they are used at higher speeds, such as on the highway.

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    A regenerative brake is an energy recovery mechanism that reduces vehicle speed by converting some of its kinetic energy into a useful form of energy instead of dissipating it as heat as in a conventional brake. The converted kinetic energy is stored for future use or fed back into a power system for use by other vehicles.

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