Where can I download the Weather Warden Series for free?

None of my surrounding libraries have the series, and I would really like to read them. But I'm not old enough to get a job around here, and my parents wont buy me a whole series, they will buy me the occasional book. So I was wondering. Where can I download the Rachel Caine Weather Warden Series for free in pdf or ebook format?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I am afraid you are out of luck. Authors want to be paid for their work, and Rachel Caine is no exception. (Only in very rare cases does an author offer an entire copyrighted work on the net for free). There is no legal way to read her books for free. If you find something on the web, it will either be someone's fabrication, or it will be pirated, which could land you in trouble if you use it.

    I'd either buy (try used book stores if buying new is too rich for you) or borrow at a library. Lots of books can be gotten through Inter-library loan. Lots of libraries have e book readers of one type or another and may have your book on it. That is another thing to check out (it would not be on your computer, though).


    Source(s): I am a librarian.
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  • maragh
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    3 years ago

    Weather Warden Series

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