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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 1 decade ago

when michael jackson was rushed into the UCLA medical centre from the ambulance, why is there no video footage?

if there were numerous paparazzi present, why did only that one photo of michael emerge, when it is zoomed in on his face, it doesn't make sense, lots of cameras, only one photo, no video evidence, and also, how did they get such a good shot of his face, surely there would have been loads of medical staff around him blocking him from the 'papz', what do you think?

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    because it's fake I'm not crazy I know he is dead :'( but he wasn't dead yet when he left da house da pic you saw is from an earliar time he was rushed to the hospital and he is being loaded into a white ambulance but that girls video shows a red firetruck

    they sneaked mj into a ambulance and used the truck to get attention so that people won't notice mj leaving in another vehicale (spelled wrong) it may have been the fire truck or ambulance so if they were able to wake mj up he wouldn't get even more stressed about the mob of people around him.

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  • ?
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    3 years ago

    i could say secret. Michael Jackson, the choreographers and John Landis positioned plenty attempt into it. With each and all the dance strikes, the costumes and makeup and writing the video. <3

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes there is a video of him getting rushed there here

    Youtube thumbnail

    hope that helps but its pretty sad :(

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