Where does america keep their nuclear weapons?

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    America has a three platforms strategy to delivering its nuclear weapons.

    The policy in the US is to keep all 3 platforms up-to-date and functional. The US believes this is the only way to have a fully functioning nuclear strike and deterant capability.

    So as such the US keeps its fully functioning warheads on its SSBN (Ballistic Missile Submarines) their are 18 functional Ballastic Missile Subs (each with 24 Trident II Missiles) - the US does not currently have a nuclear tomahawk capability.

    There are also 94 B-52s and 19 B-2s with nuclear strike capability - this is a reduced number since 1993 - and will be furthur reduced by President Obama.

    There are an estimated 600 nuclear devices deployed around the globe at US air bases where these aircraft can be fitted with nuclear armaments.

    Finnaly there is the ICBM located at missile silos around America - most of these are meant to be located around the northern Rocky Mountain states and the Dakotas. However the actual locations are classified.

    All the misisiles are secured when in the various states and the number of warheads, missiles and locations are all classified and kept secret for obvious reasons. However the US government does release some limited information about the capability etc.

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    Underground places in arizona and new mexico I believe

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    Silly question

    Cap the A in America or we well nuke you

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    None of your business.

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    In silos

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    aimed at strategic targets.

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