Does YG Entertainment really accept auditions (mail)?

I went to their website and it said coming soon...i think it's been like that for a year or so.

And I read online that they accept mail auditions, do they really?

If so what address do I send it to..cuz YG Entertainment moved to a new building.

And I also have a couple of questions.

1.) Im already that too old?

2.) I'm not Korean but I'm Japanese-Filipino (My dad is Japanese while my mom is half Filipino, half japanese)

3.) If they do accept auditions and I got in... do they pay for my ticket to Korea?

4.) There are 3 Stages of the auditions right? For the third one, its Mr. Yg.. but for the second stage ... is it Just Teddy? or is he with other people?

5.) How is training life like?

Or and if you can, can u please ad more info about YG and its auditions? :)

Thanks !!

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    YG really accept MAIL auditions since it is like the only way to audition. They do hold live auditions but it's like only once a year. I forgot their mailing address but you can search it on YAHOO or GOOGLE

    For your questions:

    1. 15 isn't old. Dara from 2NE1 got in at like 21 or something.

    2. I don't know if YG accepts non-Korean. They don't have non-korean trainees. But they do accept Half-korean

    3. If they really want you, YG will pay for almost everything

    4. I don't know about the stages but I am pretty sure, you'll be performing infront of YG himself

    5. Watch Big Bang's documentary. It's really hard. If YG feels like you're not doing your best, he'll scold you but he's not gonna hurt you but his words hurt. You'll be training for almost evertday. Basically, training interfers with your social life. You'll also be experiencing a lot of stress and pressure.

    I am not trying to scare you. Just audition if you want. GOODLUCK and GOD BLESS

    Hope I helped

  • 1 decade ago

    1. I'm 17 and audition too, 15 is good.

    2. Doesn't matter that much.

    3. There is nu 100%-sure information on this, probably depends on how good you are. Focus on passing an audition first, that'll be hard enough!

    4. Second is a audition in front of the evaluation team, mostly auditioning by mail has 2 stages, since ticket expenses would be too costly for you/them.

    5. Hard. Incredibly hard. Probably something you can't imagine^^ Especially hard mentally, since you constantly struggle to be the best. Make up your mind first, then focus on auditioning, and hope you pass.

    YG focuses almost solely on talent. Be incredibly good, and if you're not, train more since you'll be wasting your time auditioning if you don't.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Me. I audition too :)
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