gothika's ending... help!?

ok so i watched gothika... i need a little help.... does Halle berry and Robert downey jr.s characters get together... and explain the little girl... so i guess the end.... i know this sounds like im stupid but i can't take scary movies so i really wasn't 'watching the movie' then i started think about it and i got confused

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    No, Halle Berry and Robert Downey Jr don't get together.

    Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz's characters are saying goodbye and then Halle Berry sees a kid standing in the street about to get hit by a car and then poof the kid disappears, it was a ghost and as Halle's walking down the street we see the kid's face on a missing poster. The ending indicates she can still see ghosts.

    The girl that Halle sees at the beginning of the movie was a girl who was the daughter of a fellow psychiatrist who was raped and murdered by Halle's husband Dr. Doug Grey and his sheriff friend Bob Ryan. They have been doing these kind of things for a very long time, and when Halle's husband left earlier before he was killed, he was going out to their cabin where later it was revealed that another woman was held and tortured, when Halle came home she was possessed by the spirit of the psychiatrist's daughter who killed Halle's husband.

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    Gothika Synopsis

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    Halle Berry kills the big dude with the tattoo, and gets out of the Insane Asylum. At the very end, she helps that Chole chick, and Chole goes riding off in a taxi. The Halle's walking down the street, and see's a ghost boy in the middle of the road. The End

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    Miranda's (Halle Berry) husband and the sheriff have actually been torturing and killing women for years at Willow's Creek (thus the "not alone" meaning there were 2 killers). They killed the Doctor's daughter which had been ruled a suicide. The ghost of the doctor's daughter is the one who possessed Miranda and killed her husband. The sheriff (who bears the "fire" tatoo) is killed in a blaze at the station while trying to murder Miranda. Miranda and Chloe are both released from the psychiatric hospital.

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