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My pregnant ex wont talk to me?

My ex is pregnant about 6 months in! I know the child is mine so no question there because she had to have a Amnio done and the DNA came back with 99.98 percent mine. But she never calls me she just emails me as to when her doctor appointments are, she doesn't even call. Aren't ex girlfriends suppose to be calling the father of their child to be trying to work things out, I mean she doesn't even ask me for money to help with Dr. bills or call to talk or anything!

I mean all of my friends ex or girlfriends call them non stop, my ex just an email as to when the next doctor appointment is.

I will admit that when she told me I was not a very nice person to her, but I have since calmed down and am wondering as to why she wont even pick up the phone on me!

Anyone else have an ex that is pregnant and wont speak to them or does not even contact them!

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    she is evidently more mature than you and appearently done with you for good. You are lucky she is giving you enough time of day to even email you.

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  • I stopped calling my baby father when he told me to get an abortion, baby's three months now. I didn't even call him for doctors appointments or scans....or anything, I still don't call him now. He by luck called me just as my waters broke & I told him & he came down when she was born, otherwise I might not have called him to be honest

    Don't get me wrong, he's in his baby's life in a big way, but I will never pick up the phone and call him, only talk to him if he calls me.

    The reason: He told me to get rid.....I wasn't gonna & will not let him reject my baby, if he wants to be a dad it's on him, he's got to make the effort

    If you like her and wanna make a go of it, it's time for you to really put the work in, you've given her what she wants already, sounds like she's realised she can make do without you, if you're gonna be a jerk, what does she need you for? ... that's how I feel

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    Its not her job to call you really. She probably feels that since you were "not a nice person" , that she can do this alone. However, it IS your child. When she emails you about the appointments, you need to make a effort to go to them. You can still be involved in your child's life. YOur child deserves his/her father, make the move!

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    This woman isn't your wife, you never married her, yet she is bearing your child? What did you expect?

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    i agree(:

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