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Will California ballot measure Proposition 16 be an example of the affect on elections since the US Supreme..?

recent decision to lift the ban on union and corporate campaign contributions?

An example:

Prop 16 is promoted as a voter rights bill requiring a 2/3 majority of voter approval before local governments provide electricity service to new customers or establish a community choice electricity program using public funds or bonds.

The campaign committee sponsoring the measure is "Californians to Protect Our Right to Vote."

However, Pacific Gas & Electric is the primary financial sponsor of the initiative having contributed $34.5 million through May 2, 2010.

The opposition has raised less than $50,000.

The entire reason for the ballot measure is to make sure that no competition enters PG&Es territory.

It will be interesting to see if deep corporate pockets prevail.


US Supreme Court

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    Exactly why the Supreme court decision was wrong.

    Thomas Jefferson would be appalled because the new ruling gives too much advantage to corporations.

    The recent decision overturned two earlier Supreme Court precedents, including one of their own from 2003. Now THAT is what I call an activist court.

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