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What do you think of all the states who are wanting laws like Arzona's passed?

Utah, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri and now Michigan want laws like Arizona passed.

Is this just proof that obama, homeland security and ICE are not doing enough to enforce the laws?

Do you think more states will be joining in on wanting the laws enforced on illegal aliens?

Is this more proof that Americans are pressuring their Representatives into enforcing the laws because we are fed up with the illegal alien problems?


Added: Minn., Penn., Wisconsin, Florida

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    I would like to see all 50 states pass such a law.

    Most of all, I would like to see the federal government vigorously enforce the laws already on the books.

    If a nation does not have secure borders it ceases to be a nation.

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    I have to agree with the other responders. This question has been asked and answered many many many times. We are NOT illegal supporters. We are supporters of immigration reform that makes sense. Enforce the laws that are written without incorporating unconstitutional clauses. TRUTH: they put spell check on this website for a reason. USE IT. Your points would be taken more seriously if you'd spell correctly.

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    You can add Pennsylvania to that list. One of the candidates for Governor who is our Attorney General at the moment is promising a law like this, I am all for it. I love that the states in this country are stepping up and not laying down and taking all of the BS from the feds whether it be refusal to enforce laws that protect us or forcing laws on us that are neither constitutional nor what any of us want.

    We are living in very interesting times.

  • 10 years ago

    You can add Fla to that list after reading this morning St. pete times. I think it's proof that homeland security and ICE don't have enough resources to enforce illegal alien laws, they need help. Yes, Americans are getting fed up. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

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  • 10 years ago

    I've said it all along, it is a state by state issue.

    North Carolina has had a law on the books for the last 3 yrs. We just didn't make a big thing out of it like they did in Arizona. (Proof, Sherrif Joe needed and wanted the publicity and the backing to shake off the federal investigators with his dealings with Thomas). Since 2001 NC has not allowed anyone that can not prove their legal residency for our state or country to sign up for welfare assistance. We check Birth Certificates, Visas/Greencards/Citizenship papers, proof of a lease or deed in their name plus a State ID and/or utility bill in their name, proof of work history and taxes paid history. The later has always been required. When someone is picked up, their ID, name, or documentation is run through ICE data base if suspected of being an illegal. From resisting arrest, assault, or any other reason severe enough to warrant an arrest, their credentials are checked. This goes for ALL criminals. Charlotte and Raleigh, in the last 3yrs, have caught, detained, and deported 12 illegal immigrants from the Middle East and reported them to the CIA. 22 have been from South East Asia, and about 130 have been from Central American countries, 56 of whom were from Columbia, Honduras, Guatamala and the Dominican Republic. The rest were from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and a few from the Phillipines. That is a total of only 164 found in an estimate (guess) of about 180,000 illegal immigrants in our state with a population of 9,380,884 as of 2009. That is approximately 2.1 % of the population.

    What I laugh about though is that the estimated 20 million illegal immigrants in this country are considered a lot. Estimated population of California as of 2009 is more than the estimate of illegal immigrants. If you spread that over 50 states, that doesn't seem to be a lot of illegal immigrants nor does it cause a large amount of job loss, financial hardship, or criminal activity. Look up the US Census Bureau website for the estimated population for your states. Also, look up per county and look at race and ethnicity estimates for each.


    Now, base that on the estimate of illegal immigrants for the country. Do you really think that they are making that big of an impact to the country as a whole or do you think it is more state specific.

    I am for "state specific".

    I feel this is also a smoke screen by the federal government so we won't pay attention to the THOUSANDS of refugees from the Middle East they are shipping in here periodically and setting them up with Visas, Free med care, jobs or financial support, homes, ect on our dime.

    Look at the Homeland security website for reports for 2007 -2009 and see who and what country has been "legally" approved for immigration to the US. How many refugees and asylees have been approved for in country processing ( US soil processing).


    Here is the list of all the reports of 2009 http://www.dhs.gov/files/statistics/publications/

  • DrPhil
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    10 years ago

    I think it is indicative of a groundswell movement going on in the United States.

    The citizenry recognizes that not only are our laws being flouted, our economy is straining, and the divide in our society is rapidly widening as regards our sovereignty.

    The citizens of the United States are getting ready to speak. And speak loudly.

    THis is going to be a very ugly election cycle for the democrats, I suspect.

  • 10 years ago

    Great, I don't get it why Obama can't see we want the laws enforced on illegal alien criminals. No illegal should be here. Glad to hear my state is on there.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    State Governments Doing The Job The Federal Government Don't Want To Do

    IN YOUR FACE G.W. BUSH !!!!!!

  • 10 years ago

    Don't forget Minnesota and Wisconsin.

    It is about time the states started taking back some of the power that is afforded them by the constitution.

  • 10 years ago

    I live in Colorado and like it. A nation at war needs to secure it's borders.

    Janet has shown she doesn't care about our borders, along with the rest of our federal government.

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