Is the Confederate flag racist?

So i have a belt buckel thats the reble (confederate) flag, but i where it as the reble flag, i am not one bit racist, but yeah i use it as a anarchy/rebelian flag, (the anarchy is way over used so i dont fly that one)


okay mate you got in all mixed up, "being a rebel like other skinheads dosent make you a rebel" or what ever you said, first mate, im not a skinhead. but even if i was, just cuz other skins are rebels dosent mean im not one, i know some stuff about skinheads and its part of the skinhead way of life

Update 2:

evil twin: dude what the ****? how can i be racist? i have indian blood i have Fiji blood english blood irish blood aussy blood and african blood.

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  • Alex
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    1 decade ago
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    I was surprised at the reaction the confederate flag received. I was born in England and over here it isn't seen as a racist symbol at all, it's just part of American history and a symbol of the struggles that so many went through to try and gain their own form of liberation.

    It wasn't until I actually moved to America that I first heard the term "rebel flag" or learnt that it was considered a racist symbol. I wore a dog-tag with it on without realizing how strongly people felt about it and boy did I get an earful for my mistake. I wore it perhaps all of a day before the comments got to me.

    The true symbolism of the flag is lost, it doesn't represent a true political struggle anymore, it merely represents oppression, cruelty, racism and slavery and many consider it to be an offensive and shameful part of American history.

    If you wear the Confederate flag without knowing it's true symbolism and it's history, if it's merely intended to cause offense and conflict then yes, it's racist. If you wear it with honest intentions, knowing what it fully stands for and merely using it as a representation and reminder of past political conflicts, of an important part of history, then no, it's not racist.

    Other people will be likely to see it as racist because of the association, but it isn't actually a racist symbol unless you make it one. If you wear it then you need to be prepared to defend yourself and reason out any accusations.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    There are plenty of ignorant people who will respond with ignorance, or emotion, to the question. This is true of any question involving the Confederate battle flag (not the "Stars and Bars", which was a wholly different flag). The truth, though, is that the flag is certainly not "racist". It's easy to put a label like that on anything these days. It's just a term that really has no meaning, but is used to silence those who disagree with you. Read what Charles Dickens, Lord Acton, and others had to say about the war. It wasn't about slavery. It was about the right of self determination--the same thing that the Colonials fought the Revolutionary War over.

  • 1 decade ago

    Of course not, don't be stupid. The Confederate flag was the battle flag of a Confederate army unit that fought with bravery and honor, over and above the call of duty. It has come to represent the proud spirit of the South and has nothing to do with slavery. Likewise the Civil War itself had little to do with the institution of slavery.

    In fact, Lincoln didn't care about slavery one way or another, abolishing slavery was not his goal. His aim was to keep the Union together even if he had to destroy it to save it. He signed laws freeing the slaves in the Confederacy even though he had no authority to do so at the time only because he thought it would have a destabilizing effect on the South. He also allowed slavery to continue in the North until well after the end of the war.

    Learn the truth about history, not just the truth the North invented as the victors of that very uncivil war.

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    No. Only ignorant fools who can't spell "rebel" and like to pretend they're not racist themselves believe the Confederate flag is racist.

    <edit> Right, like someone with mixed blood can't be racist. Sorry to break it to you, but anyone can be racist, even you. After all, racism is rooted in ignorance & hatred, and you seem to be just about equal parts of both. Good luck with that.

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  • .
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    1 decade ago

    The flag itself is not racist. It represents a part of American history.

    It's the meaning that some people have chosen to assign to it that's racist. Unfortunately, there are some racist people who have chosen it as their symbol and that's the meaning that's now attached to the flag.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First off the spelling is REBEL.

    And the confederate flag is associated with racism because it was used by the south in the civil war. the south were fighting for slavery. slavery=racism

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well, it certainly seems racist, since the confederacy rebelled in response to the election of an abolitionist president. there are better ways to show that you're a rebel, e.g., learn sanskrit, join a black church, STOP using the confederate flag. pretending to be a rebel by doing what ever other skinhead does is not very rebellious.

  • 1 decade ago

    wearing the confederate flag and saying you are not a racist is the same as wearing a swastika and claiming to not be an anti-semite. Whether or not it is true, people will assume you are. Every time I see someone with spiderweb tattoos I think 'racist' without ever speaking or getting to know the person. In the same way, if I saw someone wearing a swastika t shirt, I would assume they were nazis (i include siouxie sioux in this) without ever speaking to them.

  • 1 decade ago

    it's not racist unless you make it that way.

    the confederate flag is a part of american history, but unfortunatly it stood for something that wasn't so nice... i personally do not believe it is a sign of racism unless you make it that way, but most of society is going to look at it differently.

  • 1 decade ago

    It kinda is racist, and thats pretty much what ppl think when they see a confederate flag

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