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Oligo asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


Topic : Modern classroom

Discuss the adventages and disadvantages of learning in a modern classroom

現在缺disavantages 誰能提供個strong point

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  • winwin
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    1 decade ago
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    Disavantages... 我抽左其一的strong points畀你, 不過, 唔知對你嘅程度會唔會太深

    1. In the modern classroom, students must be prepared for the dual activity of intellectual prowess and experiential comprehension. Engaging in conversations related to race evokes negative emotions, it could be a discouragement to who hasn't well-prepared in the modern classroom.

    2. If there is a personal attack during a classroom discussion, then the instructor should immediately take the position of the student who is being attacked. Otherwise, the student does not only be discouraged, but his/her self-esteem may also be harmed under the circumstance.

    3. The majority in the modern classroom that the instructor makes explicit efforts to encourage the free expression of ideas. It intreprets to encourage all students to participate in classroom discussion with absolute ease. However, it can conversely a issue to the student, who are self-centred, reserved or lacking of atentive skills. In a way, the student may find difficuilities to adapt to the soceity.

    4. Also, the instructor is playing a majority role in the classroom. For example, African Americans often avoid direct eye contat when speaking to those in authority. In the classroom, instructors who are unfamiliar with this aspect of Black culture could easily surmise that the student is being disrespectful, or that the student lacks confidence.

    5. There is little doubt that some students will be uncomfortable engaging in racial discourse no matter what the instructor does to create a supportive classroom environment. Students who are unable to handle discomfort often will displace or project their discomfort onto instructors (Gabbidon, 2002).

    Summary :

    Students often have negative beliefs about certain racial groups, and tend to cling to these beliefs even when presented with new information. Although students claim to be open-minded, many are prejudiced against Blacks. Resilience can reinforce negative stereotypes.

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