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Anonymous asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 decade ago

should i him with a baseball bat ?

im a kind of popular guy in a way. i play basketball but this Guy just keeps disrespecting me trying to bully and pick on me. hes bigger and stronger than me. wanna tell him to just meet me after class and start going barry bonds on him

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yea i no that prob feels write but its very wrong, and hitting a person with a bat is extreme...

    have u actually tried to maybe pull him to the side and explain to him that u dnt like what he is doing it is insulting and you would appreciate it if he would stop and tell him that, your trying to be mature about the situation and this way by addressing that ur basically telling him in a nice non confrontational manner that u are being the bigger person... most people when put in this situation will stop, mainly because he has that need to "be the bigger stronger person"(he expects u to yell and fight) and when u react in such a way he feels like hes not that big n strong.. kinda like he lost that effect on u that he looks for...

    people do not understand the effect that they can have if actually tried to talk and figure out a solution, communication is so very over looked

    Source(s): Rahi, psychologist PhD
  • 1 decade ago

    Good idea. You are still a minor so you probably won't get in too much trouble unless you kill him, make him a vegetable, or put him in a coma. It can be a hassle going through the court system and stuff though. The legal process will probably be worse than the actual punishment you get in the end of it all. You should be out of trouble in about two or three years though. The bad part of it is that you will most certainly fall behind in your education so you will be graduating with people much younger than you. Also, getting a good job in the future with that on your record? That will surely be fun for you.

    I'd advise you to try something else with this fool. Maybe gather an army and a few dozen eggs? Or can you get your hands on a paintball gun? These techniques should be done off school property though. At the very least, outside of school hours when there aren't any nosy teachers around...

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