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Eli Lilly ethics case for business course?

My group is given an ethics case about Eli Lilly & pharmaceutical companies making unethical marketing on consumers.

Eli Lilly funded a campaign (about getting help for depression) that was ran by the National Mental Health Association. The ads (on TV & magazines) didn't mention Prozac, but they did noted that financial funding was provided by Eli Lilly. Another company, Genetech, was indicted for 'bribing' a doctor to prescribe its growth hormone, which resulted in twice the amount sold than predicted for the people who really needed it.

My group is the side that has to point out the unethical-ness of this situation. My teammates' topics are Eli Lilly's stock prices, bribing doctors, and misleading the consumers. I have no idea what my topic should be. I thought about how the FDA changed regulations for advertising and how drug companies are exploiting that (and getting fined)...but I don't think I can speak for 3 minutes about that. I need a concrete idea so I can run my mouth for 3 min. presenting it in front of class. It can definitely be several small ideas so I can have more to talk, but if there's a big catchy idea, that will work, too.

Please help! Thanks! :oD

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    You may find some usable info in these cases.~


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    Eli Lilly Case Study

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