In the bible 1-3 John, why would bringing believers into full joy be an issue?

How do we address the issue and define it today?

Are there any groups/agencies doing anything to help alleviate this issue?

Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.

Also, 1-3 John refers to the Epistle letters.

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  • Kirk
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    Good question, and a tough one too. I did some digging around in different commentaries, and it seems like their joy is not made completely full until they hear his testimony.

    So those that do not have the whole truth would not have a 'complete' joy. That could be an issue because they may not be Christians, or just have bad doctrine, working off of a false gospel.

    Ministries and missions would probably be the solution to the issue.

    I would suggest picking up a good complete commentary on the books in question.

    $20 for John MacArthur's commentary, he's very biblical in his interpretation.

    Hope that helps,

    Source(s): Commentaries found on biblegateway and blueletterbible
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