Can I win my fantasy league?

My team (10 team league), currently in 2nd:

I know I need another reliever and I'm currently trying to deal an OF for one but no one in my league is biting. Might drop Billingsly for Evan Meek or Jose Contreras

C Ivan Rodriguez

1B Mark Reynolds

2B Ian Kinsler

3B Alex Rodriguez

SS Jose Reyes

OF Andre Ethier

OF Nelson Cruz (DL)

OF Brett Gardner

Util Johnny Damon

BN James Loney

BN Rajai Davis

BN Nick Markikis

SP Josh Johnson

SP Cliff Lee

SP James Shields

SP Chad Billingsly

SP Ricky Romero

SP Jeff Niemann

SP Matt Cain

SP Scott Baker

SP Brad Penny

RP David Aardsma

RP Joel Zumaya

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  • Pronk
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    10 years ago
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    You need more closers,and I'd definitely dump non producing Rajai Davis for 1..

    Then I'd package 2 players for 1 better player,then pick up another closer in your created empty roster spot; Like Loney+Damon for Carlos Gonzalez,,then pick up K.Wood (A closer is a closer.).

    g()()D )_uck

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  • 10 years ago

    its possible

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