match these questions please...?



bone marrow

communicable disease

red blood cells

white blood cells




inherited disease

acquired disease

immune system


llymph nodes

down syndrome



natural killer cells

dendritic cells



acquired immunity

passibe immunity

immunodeficiency disorder


autoimmune disorder


lymphoma and leukemia

acute stress

chronic stress

1: Principle upon which childhood vaccination is based.

2: Researchers think that these cells are responsible for transmitting HIV to T-cells in order to activate an immune system

3: Filters antigens out of the blood; acts as the immune system's cleaning agent.

4: Small, bean-shaped clusters that also helps filter the body's infection fighting system

5: The result of a sudden or uncontrollable thing such as a natural disaster, or surgical procedure.

6: Main function is the production of antibodies in response to antigens such as bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells.

7: Carries oxygen throughout the body.

8: White blood cells.

9: Produces T-cells which are responsible for immunity and disease resistance.

10: Means that all or part of the immune system is unable to properly respond to the presence of an antigen.

11: A white or yellowish fluid that forms from a collection of dead tissue, dead bacteria, and live and dead phagocytes.

12: A condition caused by an abnormal chromosome.

13: A disease that is passed through the genes froom parent to child.

14: Caused by an inherited abnormal gene.

15: An acquired disease that is contagious.

16: The interuption or disorder to normal body functions.

17: When the immune system cannot distinguish between normal body tissue and antigens and launches an attack against the normal tissue.

18: Types of Autoimmune Disorders.

19: Involves antibodies that are produced in someone's body otherthan your own. Protection is temporary.

20: A process by which leukocytes known as phagocytes consume microorganisms and dead or dying cells.

21: Caused by infection, human behaviors, or environmental conditions that affect health.

22: Performs much like T-cells, only they directly kill tumor cells.

23: Infection fighting cells.

24: The body's defense system against disease.

25: A birth defect that results in a lack of both T- and B- lymphocytes and you are unable to fight infection. Also known as the "Bubble Boy Disease."

26: Produes red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

27: A disease causing organism.

28: It's daily and on-going - such as lack of sleep, long-term physical pain, and day-to-day hassles such as traffic.

29: General types of cancer hat can happen to the immune system.

30: Cells which help the blood to clot.

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