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What does all this mean?

I got a birth chart online.

It said this:

Sun 2°53' Aquarius, in House IX

Midheaven 12°02' Aquarius

Uranus 4°32' Aquarius, in House IX

Jupiter 0°17' Aquarius, in House IX

Neptune 27°39' Capricorn, in House IX

Venus 15°49' Capricorn, in House IX

Mercury 8°25' Capricorn, in House VIII

Pluto 5°02' Sagittarius, in House VII

Fortune 22°44' Scorpio, in House VI

Chiron 2°31' Scorpio, in House VI

Mars 4°45' Libra, in House V

True North Node 0°22' Я Libra, in House V

True Lilith 19°42' Leo, in House IV

Moon 24°26' Cancer, in House III

Ascendant 1°11' Gemini

Saturn 2°48' Aries, in House XI

Vesta 11°06' Aquarius, in House X

Ceres 28°09' Capricorn, in House IX

Pallas 6°41' Capricorn, in House VIII

Mean North Node 1°54' Я Libra, in House V

Mean Lilith 23°52' Leo, in House IV

Juno 27°54' Aries, in House XII

The site didn't give me information about what this means. Can anyone tell me what this means?

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    There is a site online that gives you explanations of each piece of your chart. www.cafeastrology.com It doesn't hurt to read many interpretations, it gives you a bigger picture of which parts are the most important. Sun in Aquarius describes a unique personality, someone who is creative, not bound by convention, interested in new and different ideas and people. Moon in Cancer is nurturing, loving, emotional, can be moody. Very motherly, interested in family and home.Sensitive to how she is treated, she can feel slighted by the smallest look or word, even if it is not meant. Ascendant in Gemini shows how you are perceived by the world. This is as a chatty, outgoing, socially active person. Now, you have a spread of 6 planets in two houses. That is a significant concentration of planetary power. You have Neptune conjunct Jupiter, and the Sun and Uranus and they are all conjunct each other. A major characteristic of all of these aspects is your need to be free in your life- free of routine in your career, free of dogma in your philosophy and/or religion, free of rules and regulations in the way you live your life. You are an independent, free thinking, fiercely individualistic. Your values and thinking are very practical and down-to-earth, which balances out your sometimes eccentric personality. Another notable configuration is a Grand Cross involving Moon, Mars, Saturn and Mercury.You need to look this up, not enough space here to interpret. Its in cardinal signs, and in houses 3/5/8/11. I can't tell which is your north node-Mean north node or True north node. Usually they are defined as the same, but in your chart they are in different locations. Try that website or a book for beginners called The ONly Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk.

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    Do you mean that you meant the word "mean" in its original meaning or are you too mean to meet my mean standards? Oh, I'm going to start moaning about your mixing up all those m-words...

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    This is the angular measurements needed to draw up a natal chart. (Chart uses a circle of 360 degrees, divided into several Houses, one for each Zodiac sign.)

    THEN you need to get an interpretation of the chart. (THAT is what they charge you for!!)

    BTW the reverse R means Retrograde, or "reverse direction" as the direction of motion.

    I have never understood it myself.

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