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Is there a difference between euthanasia and assisted suicide?

If so, what's the difference?

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    Assisted suicide is a kind of euthanasia where the sick person does the act of killing themselves with the help of medical personnel giving them drugs or whatever. (That's why it's assisted.)

    Euthanasia can be done for people who aren't physically able to end their own lives and can include things like withholding food, actively given medications to end life, taking people off a respirator, etc., as well as the assisted suicide.

    Both are supposed to be done for people who have no hope of recovery from a terminal illness although it's also been proposed for those who have very serious, but not fatal medical conditions, such as quadriplegia. Then it gets more into debatable as murder since the person is not going to die anyway.

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    sturdy question. Assisted suicide: a widespread practitioner facilitates a affected individual to die at that affected individual's request. Euthanasia: someone decides it truly is in an incapacitated affected individual's basically right interests that they die. Legally talking, homicide is fairly a lot the different case of killing someone. extremely although, assisted suicide and euthanasia are homicide. info are info. you're killing the man. the actual incontrovertible truth that they are "more effective off lifeless" doesn't excuse it. you placed a horse out of its distress if it has damaged its leg because has no more effective psychological ability; it might want to't understand why that is suffering or why it might want to in the different case could stay in a body sling for weeks and an immobilizing solid for even longer. you do not kill a man or woman basically because they do no longer have finished use of their actual faculties.

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    Euthanasia is used on animals to put them down. It is a nicer sounding word as to why it is used for assisted suicide. Some don't like to admit that the person is STILL simply killing themselves, and they don't think that should be associated with someone with a terminal illness.

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    Euthanasia is a choice made by somebody else. (Pet owner to pet)

    Assisted suicide is giving someone the means to their own demise. (Physician to patient... in which patient makes the final decision)

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    There is no difference.

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