Why are immigrants from Mexico and Central America illegally immigrating to the US?

Yes, so why do Mexican/Central American immigrants want to immigrate to the US, because the US economy isn't doing good. People are getting laid of by the minute.

I'm doing an essay on all opinions about illegal immigration, because I actually don't really hear enough news about this to have an opinion.

So what kind of social, political, and economic issues need to be addressed with dealing with illegal immigration?

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    10 years ago
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    To live off freebies, running from their countries because they hae criminal records there, free education for their offspring, to have anchor babies and collect welfare for them.

    Americans Working to Stop Illegal Immigration

    Get the Facts about Illegal Immigration


    Problems With Illegal Immigration

    While illegal alien and amnesty supporters state complaints from Americans about illegal immigration are some form of racism, there are many very real problems associated with illegal immigration.

    We asked a focus groups of citizen activists who are engaged in the struggle to have America's borders secured and existing immigration laws enforced to tell us the different reasons Americans are alarmed about illegal immigration.

    Please review this list. More details will be added to each subject in the future. Please contact us if you have an addition for this list of problems caused by illegal immigration.


    Anchor Babies: Birthright Citizenship Exploited

    Anti-American Attitudes

    Anti-Semitic Attitudes

    Attacks on Border Patrol and Law Enforcement agents

    Attacks on Free Speech in America

    Animal Abuse Increases

    Census Numbers: Negative Impact on Congressional Representation

    Civil rights: Devalued by comparison to illegal actions

    Child Endangerment

    Child Molestation

    Closed and Overcrowded Hospitals and Emergency Rooms

    Cost of Translators

    Consulates issuing Matricular Cards (ID Mexico won't even accept)

    Day Laborers loitering and creating public hazards

    Depreciated Wages for Americans and Legal Immigrants

    Deterioration of Common American Culture

    Desecration of the American Flag: Foreign Flags used aggressively

    Disrespect for American Laws

    Document Fraud

    Drunk driving injuries and deaths: Hit and Runs

    Ethnic Cleansing and Race Riots

    Farm animals with in city limits

    Food Poisoning

    Foreign Influence on US Politics

    Gangs, Graffiti, Drugs, Cartels, Smugglers, and Violence

    Gang Rape and unreported rapes

    High Birth Rates and Overpopulation

    Human Sex Slavery

    Identity Theft

    Increased Crime

    Increased Taxes for Americans

    Increased pressures on infrastructure (roads, traffic, water, sewer)

    Infectious Diseases

    Lost American Jobs

    Lost American Sovereignty

    Lost Self Governance of American citizens Vs. Globalism and Elitism

    Male Chauvinism: Gender inequality

    Not Speaking English, loss of common language, Press 1 for English

    Overcrowded Schools and Negative Impact on American Education

    Overcrowded single family homes

    Overcrowded Jails and Prisons

    Public Sanitation Loss: Trash and human waste in towns

    Racist Groups and Race Based Politics

    Remittances: Billions of dollars sent out of the US Economy

    Rule of Law: Fundamental principles of America sacrificed.

    Separatist Movements: Demands for autonomy

    Smear Campaigns and Lies: Dirty Politics

    Stolen American Taxpayer Resources: Tuition, Welfare, Licenses

    Taking limited seats in colleges at taxpayer expense

    Tax payer funds going to special interest groups (example) "LaRaza"

    Terrorism Threats and Loss of national security

    Trash and Negative Impact on Environment at border

    Unfair to Legal Immigrants

    Unfair Business Competition for law abiding companies

    Unlicensed and Uninsured Motorists

    Untaxed Wages

    Voter Fraud


    Source(s): American Indian
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  • 10 years ago

    I'm going to do my best not to go off topic.

    They obviously come here for justice,opportunity and equality. Also, even though the American economy isn't the best right now, it's still alot better than where they come from. The main reason they're force to come Illegally is because they don't have the money to receive the document papers to come to America Legally and because there's a extensive waiting period to actually receive Legal documents. Not only that, Their Government/Country prospers because Illegal immigrants send money to their old country to help any relatives living there since there's little opportunity to make a decent living(they do help their families over there). I can't say they're fully to blame because:1.) If the American Government really wanted to, they COULD control the boarders and put a stop to Illegal immigrations. They just won't do it because they benefit more out of it (with cheap labor work comes more profit that they can pocket while people blindly point fingers at the "Problem" but not the SOURCE.) 2.) Most do come to find/make/live a better life. It's just their kids(or Americanize kids in general) that get lazy or get spoil because they have it easier only because their parents are breaking their backs to be good providers. 3.) There's tons of Americans/Europeans/Mediterraneans(or people around those areas) that Migrate Legally into Mexico, Central & South America only because they have the Riches to do so and pretty much take over certain areas with their businesses and live great(that's the equivalent of giving the middle finger to the native people. so of course if they can't do the same and move out legally, they're gonna do it illegally)

    I recommend you do more research to get a better understanding. Nonetheless, hope this helps

    Source(s): life
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The US has the highest law enforcement rate for laws on the book vs any other country. The reasons the laws are not enforced is because of corruption by local, state, and federal governmental agencies. Corrpuition exsists on both the US and Mexican/Central American Sectors. Bottom line the US does it a hell of a lot less and while there will always be a few bad cops in the US, they are far the norm south of the US border because of poverty and greed. Kiddnaping, rape, murder, minors forced into prostituion and on and on and no body gets involved because they have been paid to shut up and look the other way. Should one try to fight back they will kill you or your family on the street and say the crime can't be resolved by the paid police or the judges. Corrupt judges, police chiefs and officers lets it slide. You are on your own. You were innocent born into a socitey and systems that serves on the drug dealers and those that are paid off.

    There are two type of mexican people who want to migrate to US to escape what is a truly hopless situation for them.. The other group is looking to make more money through drugs, prostitution, kiddnapping and extorsion. Get to the US 1 in 100 cops are on the take vs Mexico where 50+ percent are on the take. I have no problems with immigrants coming to America as long as they want to be part of America, assimilate to our country, fly the US flag, not make the problems of Mexico an American issue, learn the language and be more loyal to my Country which treated you much better than your own. I belive you love mexico and the people you hate, is the corruption, crime and the government-which the US had nothing to do with. As an American citizen if request you follow our laws which lead to a legal path to us citizenship, give your alligence to America 1st, learn our langugae. If you will do these things the vast majority of Americans have no problem. Respect. illegals are selfish and break our laws and will do the same thing they did in Mexico as they will do in the US. Mexicans/Central American were trying to get away from a country because they wanted an equal playing field. The US is as level as it gets. And they still do not do what is in the best intrest of the country and the people as a whole. People live together not Governments, they need us we don't need them so all sides try to make us depent upon them. It's not that complicated. Follow the money. If you think America owes you something for nothing stay home. You can be a part of something wonderful or you can be selfish. The govenment in Mexico/Central America were selfish, dont make the same mistakes you hated and we will embrase you-you will not longer be a Mexican but something much greater American. The World hates America simply because they are Jealous- one of the seven deadly sins. Join us and we will continue to clean up America. With love-start doing your fact finding missions and learn what is going on world wide. Good Luck

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  • 10 years ago

    I would love to take the ignorant and racist republican senators to mexico and have them stay with poor families and then show them how the people come to the states and live. It would completely change these bigots' minds. It is so hard to come to the US legally. The customs officials are rude and mean. My mom came legally and said it was hell. There are innocent hardworking and kind people deported everyday. It would make a great documentary or reality TV show! They can not change the horrible conditions in their own countries so they come here to live a good life. America would be the worlds best country if they were not so ignorant about these people!






    Source(s): I know a holocaust survivor and I am the son of an immigrant.
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  • 10 years ago

    So they can help feed their families. And conservatives are very fearful bigots and treat them like they are animals instead of communicating with them like civilized human beings! Mexicans work very hard and don't mean trouble, or understand because no one wants to communicate in this racist country. I'm glad we now have a liberal president!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    They refuse to address the problems they have in their country. Something else in this equation though: the U.S. is not trying to mitigate the behaviour of any of the repressive countries south of the border. They will happily nail a State in this country... not a peep about a Latin American Country that is worthless.

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  • 10 years ago

    Well im 16 yrs old and i used to live in the USA, yes i was illegal. Anyways, people from latin america usually immigrate to the USA i because even if the economy isnt doing great right now, it's still better than their country. And their government doest help them either, and i dont know ei:You get pregnant in Mexico, the government doesnt help you at all, even if you need it, and if you have kinds born in america then they at least have a chance.

    Oh and i read your answer in some question about "Inmigrants taking all americans job" well let me tell you something, my parents worked very hard while we lived over there and my dad had a descent job in which he worked for 15 years! and people saying bullshit about how illegal inmigrants are taking all of their jobs, well everytime i hear that, i feel anger, and at the same time proud. Anger because people are being discriminating, and proud because we deserve every job we get, and we work har unlike other.

    Well hope this helps honey :D

    oh and to those who say we steal their jobs, its not our fault we are hardworking and comitted who come here looking for a better life and good jobes.

    (no offense)

    Source(s): life experience
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  • 10 years ago

    Skiing sucks in Central America.

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  • 10 years ago

    They can still make more money here then they can there then they send money back to Mexico to family.A little money here is a lot of money there,Here they get free health care.I do not know why American citizens can not,They get food stamps,get there rent paid.They get a lot of things free that we can not get,then they can send more money back to Mexico.They come here because of these things and that are border is pretty open and they just walk across.Most counties have very sealed borders.The Mexican Military patrols there border.

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  • They come to STEAL our jobs and then make up all kinds of EXCUSES about why it is OK to illegally enter OUR country. They call you a racist if you want the immigration laws to be enforced. The truth is they are a racist group of invading hordes who can only bring about social decay and mayhem. I hope the ground opens up and swallows them.

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