what is the normal healing process for a tongue ring?

i got my tongue pierced yesterday and im freaking out because i dont know anything about it.

yesterday it was feeling really sore and this morning i woke up with a swollen tongue and a lisp.

i'm sucking on ice right now and i took advil for the pain.

is there anything to expect in the future? any tips? personal experiences?

i also have a samll indentation from the ring with a white forming circle around it. is this normal?

thanks <3


please dont tell me that im stupid for getting one, its trashy, ect... and i am well aware of the dangers of it.

is there any way i could prevent these dangers from happening?

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    My worst pain was the day after. I had pain & it was difficult to talk. I also had an indentation in my tongue which was caused because of the swelling but it will go down. I'm not sure what you were told to do for cleaning, etc. I used mouthwash after every time I ate. I also used a soft bristle tooth brush to clean the barbell itself. I waited 2 weeks to have any type of dairy(was told by my piercer). I included some info from a site I found below. Hopefully itll help

    The guys and gals crazy for tongue piercing are needed to be furnished with aftercare info so as to prevent a few awaiting complications. Though the tongue is bestowed naturally with an exceptional healing power, the individuals going for tongue piercing should be well aware of pain, swelling and infection affecting their tongue following the tongue piercing. Our tongue despite being capable of getting healed amazingly, sometimes take a long time in healing, depending upon the skin’s susceptibility or a mishandling by us, requiring a serious tongue piercing aftercare.

    Some tongues heal within a few hours of theirs being pierced while there are many taking several days in getting healed perfectly. The tongues taking a long period of time in healing or recovering from the piercing wounds are needed to be applied tongue piercing aftercare in order prevent the pierced-tongue from infection, swelling and pain which in turn may pose a great risk to individual’s health as well.

    Just after the tongue piercing done and barbell fixed over the pierced tongue, the tongue passes through a swelling, which is supposed to be common for an individual to experience. In order reduce swelling the individual should place small granules of ice and let them melt over the pierced tongue. Putting the ice granules or small ice cubes over the tongue will stop the swelling further and thus lessen the pain as well.

    The youngsters seeking to implant a high quality steel barbell over their tongue enthusiastically do not hesitate in passing through a painful tongue piercing. But what they are needed to be more serious about is performing a tongue piercing aftercare so as to accomplish their target without any compunction.

    * One of the most crucial tongue piercing aftercare warrants the individual not to opt for changing their current jewelry or barbell up to twelve months at least. The pierced tissues of the tongue being too mild and not as strong as they should be, cant sustain the impact of another jewelry the individual may seek to wear.

    * Do not touch your tongue piercing with your unwashed fingers and clean the pierced tongue regularly.

    * One of the most remarkable tongue piercing aftercare is rinsing your mouth with an effective anti-bacterial mouth rinse. Visit a nearby medical store seeking the best quality mouth rinse and you will be offered several tongue piercing aftercare mouth-rinse products to choose from.

    * You may feel traumatic on noticing a yellow film over your pierced tongue as well. You can mistake it for an infection. But it’s not the matter of any anxiety as it substantiates the pierced tongue heading towards a healthy healing. Shed all kinds of fear from your mind which you may develop at its sight.

    * A whitish circle around the barbell of your tongue also may draw your attention, causing a phobia of something unscrupulous. Don’t bother to do anything about it under the aftercare treatment as it is nothing except a hardened crust around barbell of healing wounds of your pierced tongue.

    * Tighten regularly your barbell specially during the night before heading for sleep and in the morning just after brushing your teeth.

    * Another tongue piercing aftercare calls you for shortening the barbell after around fifteen days of time in order to prevent any damage likely to be caused to your teeth.

    * The harmful substances should be avoided under the tongue piercing aftercare. Epsom Salts, Table Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide, Betadine, Tea Tree Oil, Polysporin, Neosporin, etc should not be used even mistakenly, as they have got to worsen off tongue piercing complication by causing more injuries over the pierced tongue.

    * Gargle with antibacterial Gly-Oxide to prevent infection over at your pierced tongue under tongue piercing aftercare.

    * Do not consume hot and spicy foods. The barbell being made of high quality metal can get too hot and cause a severe inflammation and pain while the spices will cause a burning sensation to your tongue.

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    Tongue Piercing Healing Process

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    Not cleaning it is your problem. Use sea salt saline soaks to clean your piercings. (1/4 tsp non-iodized sea salt, hot water). If it doesn't clear up and stop hurting, put a normal ear ring back in or get a different kind of ring, like a captive bead ring or a horseshoe. And also, you don't need to 'twist it regularly'. It irritates the piercing more than anything. Good luck.

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  • 7 years ago

    Some Stephanie said for tongue piercings are false

    I would recommend calling and visiting your piercer not looking for advice on here.

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  • 6 years ago

    when can i eat soft food?

    I got my tongue pierce Wednesday July 2. 2014.

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