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Iran detainees: American hikers or spies?

I have been thinking about this for months. Whenever Americans are arrested for alleged espionage, they say they are hikers or reporters. With the Asian-American reporters getting arrested in Korea last year, I believed they were not spies, just really dumb women following their ideals. But this case I am not sure about. Why would three Americans, one a female, be hiking around in Iraq, a war zone? Then to get lost and end up in Iran? I am leaning toward agreeing with Iran, that these people are spies.

If they are not, nature may be trying to remove the unfit from the gene pool. What do you think about this?


As a result of a few leftist types types directing me toward the "freethehikers" website, I have "educated" myself. As a result, I have concluded what I previously suspected. These people are not spies. They are liberal "save Tibet" types who received enough brains to graduate from a hippie college, but not enough to have the common sense or survival instinct to stay the hell away from those places. Conclusion: They are clueless liberal do-gooder idiots typical of the kind of folks who get captured by terrorists and unfriendly governments. To the parents, we always feel bad. But did these parents, like Amy Beihl's, teach their kids any common sense? As far as "mother's day," every day is mother's day for the family oriented. The holiday is for retailers, just like Christmas, so it holds zero significance for me.

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    I can't understand why any rational human being would be hiking even close to Iran. I tend to lean way towards spies, but never rule out that they are brain dead to have done this if they aren't spies.

    Just like the people sailing in private yachts around Somalia. oooo What a surprise, the pirates captured them ..

    Of all the beautiful places to travel, why should we be even close to Somalia.


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    If you visited the website,, like you say you did, then you would be aware that they were not hiking in a "war zone", but in Kurdistan, which is a pro-U.S. peaceful area in northern Iraq. The area is increasingly popular with Western tourists. There is no proof they crossed the border with Iran, all of this is based on Iranian claims.

    While you may not have the same interests or ideologies, does that mean it is appropriate for you to disparage them and their families? Is not more than nine months of solitary confinement enough punishment? If you are "family oriented" like you say, then surely you can empathize with the plight of the mothers, fathers, brother, sisters and friends of these individuals.

    Finally, some smaller corrections:

    Mother's Day is not a retail holiday, it was started as an anti-war holiday.

    UC Berkeley is far from a "hippie college."

    Source(s): Sarah and Shane are my friends.
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    Are you kidding me?? I would like to be kind on this Mothers day however talk about removing the unfit from the gene pool its comments like yours that should be removed... These 3 young people are obviously not spies they are someones children, loved ones, friends, teachers, and they are a part of all of us you need to be educated and more so you need to keep your dumb statements to yourself these mom's are in a lot of pain, worried about their children they gave birth too. So since I am a classy person I will leave my comments at that. Just know I would become more educated and research what I am talking about before making statements that make you look and sound like an IDIOT.

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    I have followed this story since the beginning. These 3 are just "those kind of people". I don't think they spies. I just think they are ideological morons. They don't do the world any favors and they sure haven't done themselves any favors. Now, they need a favor from the free world. They need mercy and Iran isn't know for mercy. More than anything, I think Darwin is speaking.

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    I'm not sure why you would choose to be so cruel on Mother's Day when Sarah, Shane & Josh, their families and friends are particularly suffering. Such cruelty is shocking on any day. I recommend that you inform yourself before making such preposterous accusations. There is PLENTY of information on and for you to learn more about the situation and who Sarah, Shane & Josh are. They were living and working in the region and exploring a renowned peaceful tourist area. They have nothing to hide, be ashamed of or be punished for. I would be ashamed though of suggesting that anyone should be removed from 'the gene pool'.

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    Please be respectful and thoughtful, especially this Mother's Day. Please don't accuse or assume anything about these three young people without informing yourself fully of the situation.

    The information is readily available. Read it.

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    They might be spies.

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