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Airsoft survey! ALL AIRSOFTERS answer?

Here are my questions.

1) What is most important to you when getting an airsoft gun and why?

2) What gun(s) do you use?

3) Do you have a "dream gun?" give details!

Example response:

1) What matters most to me is accuracy and range, because I only need one shot to get someone out. Reliability and rate of fire are also crucial.

2) I use a G&G Gr16 with heavy internal modifications.

3) Dream gun consists of:

G&G Gr16 base

King Arms M4 metal body

Magpul MBUS backup sights (real steel)

Real Eotech 557 and 4x eotech magnifier

Magpul UBR stock with modifications to fit a 10.8v 4200mah battery

King Arms CASV front set

Magpul AFG

G&P 16 inch outer barrel

G&P KAC type QD mock suppressor

PGC Prowin gearbox with spring sets at 420 fps and 300 fps

Systema magnum motor

prometheus standard ratio gears

prometheus compression parts

SCS nub

Prometheus soft bucking

extreme fire cheetah mosfet (running 3-round burst instead of auto during field games)

PDI 509mm 6.01mm tightbore barrel

10 PTS Pmags (4 original, 3 M versions, 3 EMAGs)

5 King Arms Highcap Pmags

EVERYTHING is coated in Crye precision multicam to match my gear


So, what do you like?


@ John. LOL at GF story. Good man :D

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    1. a retractable stock (full stocks always break on me)

    2. i like my m4 with a barrel extension and a silencer with a acog scope and a verticle foregrip. that is my baby. i spend more money on her then my gf. and thats y she broke up with me. :) cost me over $400 (sorta. i asked my buddy to send me some crap from afghanistan and he sent me a rail system and foregrip)

    3. i have mine. but i could use some more midcaps. i like my vest and alice gear. a helmet is kinda cool. i could also use a pistol. just for flash. either i paint my own guns (i like to keep them black. looks cooler. and i play in varied enviroments. buti usually play in desert. i usually put masking tape over my gun for slight camouflage).

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    1. barrel length and fps

    2. JG G36c

    3. Base JG G36k with 3x scope

    6.04 tightbore barrel

    Systema Hopup unit

    m120 or 130 spring

    9.6v 1600 mah battery (im not sure what battery it uses, so im guessing mini)

    2 TM G36 mags

    full steel gears

    reinforced gearbox

    Systema Motor

    some nice piston head

    and yeah

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  • 10 years ago

    Im pretty much just answering number one but what matters most to me is the accuracy reliability durability FPS and looks i love a gun that can shoot fully auto while still having good acuracy and FPS

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