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What's your favorite Shawn Michaels vs Triple H Match?

I have two favorite matches, HBK vs Triple H, Hell in a Cell at Badd Blood, that match was amazing, it lasted for 40 minutes and it had chairs and tables, it's not everyday you see those weapons being used in a HIAC Match. And the end was also great, it took 3 Pedigrees from Triple H to finally make Shawn Michaels lose.

My other favorite HBK and Triple H Match is The Classic Last Man Standing Match these two had at the 2004 Royal Rumble for The World heavyweight Championship. What a match, so brutal, so different, so historic, these two battled too hard and eventually none of these two legends could make the 10 count.

Some of my other favorites:

-Shawn Michaels vs Triple H: Armageddon 2002, 3 Stages of Hell Match.

-Shawn Michaels vs Triple H: Summerslam 2002, Street fight.

-Shawn Michaels vs Triple H: Taboo Tuesday 2004.

What's yours?

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    Summerslam '02: Shawn Michaels first match back in four years was an unsanctioned bout at the 2002 Summerslam. Weeks prior Triple H smashed Shawn Michaels into a car window and Michaels wanted his revenge. These two beat the bloody hell out of each other and even though Shawn Michaels got the victory, it did not last long because Triple H pounded on him with his trademark sledgehammer. This was just the beginning of a long battle between the two.

    Armageddon '02: Triple H was still not done with Michaels and this time he took him on in a three Stages of Hell match at that year's Armageddon. First they fought in a street fight where Triple H won, then Shawn Michaels got a victory in a steel cage match, and the two battled on to the final stage, a ladder match. In the last part Triple H won the ladder match by throwing Michaels through multiple tables and grabbing the title 35 minutes into the match.

    Wrestlemania XX: The year 2004 reignited the feud between Triple H and Shawn Michaels and this started at Wrestlemania XX. Shawn Michaels had the world title itch, and Triple H happened to be the World Heavyweight Champion. Also involved in the mix was the Royal Rumble Chris Benoit, making their encounter at Wrestlemania a Triple Threat match for the title. Shawn Michaels always puts on a great match at Wrestlemania and it was no different here with all three wrestlers working the Triple Threat component well and putting on a really impressive match. Both Triple H and Shawn Michaels would lose out on this match though, when Chris Benoit made Triple H tap out and he became the new World Heavyweight Champion.

    Bad Blood 2004: Their feud became heated once again and when they lost all control, they were forced to battle it out in a Hell in a Cell match. Both men have fought in them before, but never this long, as they fought each other for over forty minutes. It took two pedigrees but Triple H finally kept Shawn Michaels down and won this long match that one of the best for both wrestlers.

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    Street Fight Match that's when Shawn Michaels return from an injury caused by Triple H that kept him out of action for 6 months.

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    The last man standing match at Royal Rumble. It was epic and perfectly orchestrated to an amazing storyline that only these two could pull off. It was the kind of match you expect from a title match, it's a classic and it shows the definite raw emotions.

    As much as I love Triple H vs. HBK matches, I don't like matches where Evolution interrupts because it destroys the whole point of it.

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    I can't remember the date, but I remember once both of them went into a 1v1 Hell in the cell and if was one of the greatest fights I had ever seen. Triple H and shawn michaels were both out of energy by the end of the fight. Shawn was bleeding like crazy and Triple H almost got knocked out. Even though Triple H won ( Im more of a shawn michaels fan ) It was a great match

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    Shawn Michaels vs Triple H: Summerslam 2002, Street fight

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    Royal Rumble : Last Man Standing Match. One of my favorite matches, and it was epic. Well, thats what we expect from Shawn and Triple H, and that is to put on a great show.

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    Summerslam 2002 Street fight.

    This was Shawn's first match since he broke his back 4 years ago and like J.R Said it was like Shawn had never missed a day in his life at wrestling.Both men battered each other with weapons all over the place and a clear winner was hard to tell,true 5 star match.

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    HBK vs HHH SS 2002 is my favorite out of all,coz Shawn proves us all that he can still wrestle after retiring for 4 years,and the violence in the match,but somehow,i already had a feeling that Shawn is going to win in that match

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    Royal Rumble 2004

    Last Man Standing

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    shawn michael vs hhh street fight summerslam 2002

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