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Abcde asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

Chinese translation (10 marks)

Question: I don't know the actual meaning of the quoted sentence (paragraph 1 last sentence)? Can anyone help me? Please explain your answer in Chinese so that I can be easily understand. Thank you. (10 marks)

The real problem for the future: aging

Perspective Lau Nai-keung

Hong Kong used to be a city of opportunities and hope. Now one of its major worries is social mobility which became the subject of a recent motion debate in the Legislative Council, and a focus discussion at the government’s top think tank, the Commission for Strategy Development. Youths in particular feel that, unlike their parents, they have very little room to improve their standard of living and climb up the social ladder. Even the possibility of buying their own flat seems remote in the foreseeable future. "This perception is bleak indeed, but politics, as they say, is perception."

With agitation from politicians and the media, our youths are getting more restive by the day. Now that the issue is getting more public attention, the government still is at a loss as to how to address it adequately.


from China Daily Hong Kong Edition 2010-03-30

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  • David
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    1 decade ago
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    "This perception is bleak indeed, but politics, as they say, is perception."

    在這句既Bleak的意思: 淒涼的, 無希望的

    指對依家年青一代要置業. 呢個觀感好(淒涼的, 無希望的)

    Politics is perception: 政治觀感.

    毛孟靜英語教室有講Politics is perception.


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  • 1 decade ago


    PERCEPTION: 觀感, 人對事物的看法和感覺

    BLEAK: 慘淡, 暗淡

    POLITICS IS PERCEPTION: 常用成語, 指政治是關乎民眾觀感的活動, 換句話說, 為政者把事情做得好不好不重要, 最重要是在民眾眼中是好還是壞

    你這篇文章的作者想指出, 近年來香港社會的失望氣氛越來越濃厚, 越來越多人相信社會流動性減弱, 無論這是否事實, 大眾這種集體觀感已經成為香港政治的重大問題.


    ........正如某些人所言, 民眾觀感乃是一切政治活動所繫, 如今香港社會觀感慘淡如此, 其政治難局可思過半矣.

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  • Anonymous
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