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does michael scarn think he is clever?

all his posted questions are meant to be rhetorical, however they are mostly sarcastic. Does he think he is fooling anyone? and if he is doing it on purpose, do you think he might find a more mature way of presenting his political ideals?

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    I'd say he thinks he's pretty clever, yes. He represents a particular loser phenomenon. The current crop of conservatives know they can't field rational arguments about much of anything, so they're attempting to undercut and demoralize the opposition at a grass-roots level using extreme repetition. Most of what they're repeating makes no logical sense, or amounts only to personal attacks against the President, Democrats or Liberals, in general. Nothing of real substance.

    It's kind of an online version of the Viet Nam psy-ops battalions that played non-stop rock music, at high volume next to enemy camps. They believe they can override reason with noise, since that's pretty much their only weapon.

    Like "J" points out, "Christine K" is another member of this club. There seem to be a lot of them these past few weeks, and there will be a lot more leading up to the November elections.

    I recommend keeping an arsenal of "standard answers" that you can cut and paste in. Since they're asking the same dumb questions over and over, we can keep putting in the same logical answers. It's easier if you don't have to recreate each answer, each time. They only have a finite number of dumb questions, and they keep asking them over and over like badly programmed machines, so if you keep about a dozen odd answers handy, that should be enough.

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    Don't be to hard on Mikey. I mentioned in an earlier question that I discovered Scarn, Christine K., Weeping Patriot, and the kid that asks the "can a nerd strangle a normal person question" are all living in the same group home for people who can't stop asking the same rhetorical question over and over. So let's all of us in the YA community try to support them in their quest for a cure. God Bless them.

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    It's the character of a boring guy with a boring life.He has to rely on others,to make his life have some meaning,at least.I just ignore him.Pass all his questions and go on to the next.

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    Actually he asks questions that I think are fundamental. I have got many best answers from him and he at least chooses a best answer and they are not always just a left or right answer. I think he asks good questions. Really. Why dont you try answering them with some depth and maybe it will make you do some RESEARCH and think.

    Any fool can write a one liner as an answer. That is just ridiculous and asinine. Why to that? It makes no sense to waste life that way.

    Be a watcher of fools instead of a fool.

    Be full of wisdom, not just a cynic,.

    Be brave, not a coward

    That is the true essence of the reason to live.

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    I think he is a kid just hitting puberty that lives in some one horse podunk town in the deep south. It's actually best not to feed the trolls they just keep coming back for more.

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    He is by far the most boring poster on this site. Nothing original or Intelligent there.

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    "michael scarn think" is an oxymoron.

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    he/she just retreads old "cut and paste" questions.....i sit and watch for methane bubbles swelling out of a well bore 12 hrs a night for last 45 days.....micheal gets really old quick.

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    I could say the same for Christine K.

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