Rate This List Of Names Please?


Carol Anna Marie

Amelie Bella

Allison Joss

Juliet Em

Isobel "Izzie" Adora

Beverly Cameran

Della Emalia

Henley Linda

Margret Norah

Opal Pheobe

Rachella Quinn

Sonia Tallulah

Tully Kate

Vivian Unity


Henry Cameron

Mark Anthony

Nickolas "Nick" Jasper

Andrew Brian

Carson Darren

Edward Ferris

Matthew Nate

Trustin Ulric

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    Carol Anna Marie-9.. i like it its pretty and rhymes well!

    Amelie Bella-8.. i like but i think Amelia is better

    Allison Joss-7.. its pretty but i prefer Alyssa

    Juliet Em-8.. love Juliet but Em is a little odd..

    Isobel "Izzie" Adora- 8 i like Adora but Isobel sounds a bit masculine.. how about Izabel, or Izabella

    Beverly Cameran-10.. I absolutely LOVE the name Beverly nd Cameran is pretty too!

    Della Emalia-8 both names are pretty but dont go well together.. maybe Della Lynn nd Emalia Mae..

    Henley Linda--6.. i dont like Henley for a girl sounds better for a boy... but Linda is pretty! how about using Helen instead!

    Margret Norah-9.. it has a nice ring to it!

    Opal Pheobe-6.. Love Pheobe but Opal sounds wierd...

    Rachella Quinn-8.. Like Quinn, but prefer Rachel or Rachelle.. i think either of them sound good with Quinn!

    Sonia Tallulah-5..i like Sonia but i dont like Tallulah

    Tully Kate-6 i like Kate but not Tully

    Vivian Unity- 10..love both of these names and both sound great together!!

    Henry Cameron-10.. Absolutely LOVE both of these names..although for a boy i like it spelled Kameron..

    Mark Anthony-10.. Cute!!

    Nickolas "Nick" Jasper-9.. i prefer Nikola or Nikolah\

    Andrew Brian-8.. not a huge fan of the name Andrew but i love the name Brian!

    Carson Darren-10.. both are adorable names and i love the name Carson!

    Edward Ferris-7.... I LOVE the name Edward but not Ferris

    Matthew Nate-9.. i love both but i think Nate Matthew is better!

    Trustin Ulric-8..i like Ulric but i dont like Trustin... how about Justin os Dustin...

    Source(s): hope i helped! ^-^
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    Carol Anna Marie - 6/10 sounds very old. and boring, sorry. Carol Anne Marie flows better.

    Amelie Bella - 6.5/10 ok, just dislike Bella. and it ruins the name for me. too much l's.

    Allison Joss - 7/10 cute and sounds boyish but I like it.

    Juliet Em - 6/10 Em is weird. Juliet is adorable.

    Isobel "Izzie" Adora - 5/10 sounds like a cat name. how about Isabel? Adora is horrible.

    Beverly Cameran - 5/10 I don't wanna offend you, but I know some dogs named Beverly. Cameran looks like a mispelling of Cameron.

    Della Emalia - 5/10 not my style. Emilia would be better because it reminds me of Shakespeare's Othello.

    Henley Linda - 5/10 I am imagining a fat woman. Henley might be cute for a middle name.

    Margret Norah - 6.5/10 I would give a 7.5 if Margret is spelled Margaret.

    Opal Pheobe - 6.5/10 Opal is cute, Phoebe, i'm not sure.

    Rachella Quinn - 6.5/10 ok. Rachella is unique although it's just too much for me.

    Sonia Tallulah - 7.5/10 definitely unique, but in a good way. :D

    Tully Kate - 6.5/10 rolls off the tongue pretty well, but have you considered the teasing possibility?

    Vivian Unity - 4/10 never been a fan of Vivian. Unity is not a name.


    Henry Cameron - 6/10 Henry sounds like a fat old man, Cameron wass great until I found out it means 'crooked nose'

    Mark Anthony - 7/10 as is the singer/J.Lo's husband? or Cleopatra's lover? without those allusions, I'd say this is a strong name.

    Nickolas "Nick" Jasper - 8/10 great, gorgeous name! please use the spelling Nicholas, or else he will spend most of his life correcting people.

    Andrew Brian - 7.5/10 cool. :)

    Carson Darren - 7.5/10 great. Carson usually sounds old, but you made a good combo.

    Edward Ferris - 6/10 dislike Edward. Ferris is weird. like Save Ferris or Ferris Wheel.

    Matthew Nate - 6.5/10 probably Matthew Nathaniel?

    Trustin Ulric - 4/10 eh?

  • 1 decade ago

    I love Allison Joss and Carson Ferris.

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