How do I check my company email at home which I check in company using Lotus Notes?

Here is more details: So, my company is using Lotus Notes as email client. I was given email address like I can check my emails using Lotus Notes in my company's PC using Lotus Notes Installed in it. But, at home I don't have Lotus Notes and I found out that it's not free to download Lotus Notes. So, my question is how do I check my company's email at home? Thanks in Advance for your answers.

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    Assuming your company has a Notes/Domino server, your company pays a license fee for each registered user that has a Lotus Notes user account. There is no restriction on the number of computers the Notes client software is installed on, so if your company will allow it, they should be able to provide you with the Notes Client software so it can be installed on your home computer as well.

    In addition to the Lotus Notes software, you will also need your Lotus Notes ID file, as well as the settings for the Connection document and Location Document (server name and IP address, mail file name and location on the server). Your Notes/Domino admin may have set up the server to automatically push most of this information to your client software during installation.

    If you only require access to email, and your company permits HTTP or HTTPS access to the Notes/Domino server, you may also be able to log in via a web browser, such as Internet Explorer (without the Notes client software). This is usually done by typing the IP address of the Notes/Domino server into your Browser. Some companies will create a single login page that will redirect you to your mail file after you log in. If they don't, you can go directly to your mail file by incuding the file path and your email database file name at the end of the Notes/Domino server IP address. For example, if your company's Notes/Domino server IP address is, and your mail file is located in the Mail folder on the server, you should be able to access your database by going to

    If http:// doesn't work, try https://

    In order to log in, you will first need an HTTP password. This is not necessarily the same as your Notes Client password. To create an HTTP password, open the Company's Master address book on the server. Locate your Person document, then open it in edit mode. At the bottom of the page, you will see a button next to the Internet Password field that says Enter Password. Click the button, enter a password, then remember to Save & Close your Person document. The password change may not immediately take effect, so you may need to wait several minutes before trying to log in.

    You can usually find out the IP address of the server by looking at the Connection document that is configured in your local address book at the office. If it is a 192.168.x.x number, that will not work from outside your office. You can find out the file path and name of your mail file by looking in your Location document, also in your local address book. To find both of these, open your Contacts, click on the Advanced link in the left navigator, then click on Connections or Locations in the left navigator. Your mail file location and name will be on the Mail Tab in the Location document, and may not include the .nsf file extension. You will need to include the .nsf file extension when entering that in your web browser.

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    Lotus Notes Login

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    it seems there no good way to solve your problem.

    you have to install lotus notes to read your mail.

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