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about Turkey! please help!?

describe two achievements of your erdogan while in office?

and describe two significant challenges erdogan has?

please i out of places to look and we cant use the wikipedia site! so if anyone know about TURKEY and can answer the 2 question that would be sooooooo nice! thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    his party sold out anything the state owned-telecommunications, water, electricity, banks, ports, petrochemicals, mining, steel construction, liquor and tobacco media and many more companies and factories- to their fellows underpriced. later they resell it all to foreigners with atleast 200% gain. they even declared a new law to sell forests...

    he messed up turkey's relations with israel at davos forum to get more votes from religiousfags(this happened during city elections). later they tried to rent the minefield-same size as cyprus- at syria border to an israeli company for 49 YEARS in return for cleaning landmines on it. the army cancelled this and reduced the cost to only 5m $.

    these are the first two "achievements" of him comes to my mind first. challenges? he fears to death challenging opposite party members if you mean open discussions. because anyone can roughly imagine what would it be like. in 2008 his party sought to be closed down for being a threat to secularity, since then they are more discreet to secularity but they started to **** with the army instead.

  • 1 decade ago

    One Minutes, one minutes !!!

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