What is the deal with India and Pakistan?

I'm doing a report for school snd I've been getting bits and pieces on the internet. I was wondering if anyone could sum up the whole ordeal as far as the nuclear stand-off and what lead up to it... and so on... Thanks!

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    From the day that Pakistan was created from a part of India, the two countries have hated each other. Before the British left India, they were pressured to grant a separate country to Muslims. So they did some "surveys" and drew some lines to divide India into India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The problem is that the British were never in touch India cultural side much. The few times that they meddled in cultural affairs resulted in such an inferiority complex among Hindus that most of us are still trying to get over it.

    Anyways, like I said.. the Musilm League was putting more and more pressure on on the British, the Indian National Congress party, and Gandhi. He just couldn't stand it anymore so he convinced Congress (who listened to a lot of what he said because he had popular support) to allow the formation of a Muslim country. So then you have Muslim Pakistan and Bangladesh, and (supposedly) secular India.

    Kashmir couldn't decide who to join, so Pakistan thought they'd try to convince them. Pakistan invades Kashmir in an effort to annex it, but Kashmir asked India to intervene. India did so, Pakistan lost the war but is still trying to get Kashmir back. You can read more on that youself (there were even more wars over it).

    I think it's really a Hindu-Muslim thing, even though there's more Muslims in India than in Pakistan. I think Pakistan became a symbol of the threat of the previous Mughal dynasties, Hindus don't like the Mughals. One problem is that while Pakistan is officially a Muslim country, India is officially secular. The problem only gets worse when you realize that the Indian government and media haven't always been too friendly towards the Hindu majority, Indian politics is full of minority appeasement.

    Oh yea, did I mention that both countries have nukes now? They have enough to cause a little nuclear winter of their own in the subcontinent, only thing holding them back is international politics and MAD (mutually assured destruction).

    The India vs. Pakistan problem wouldn't exist if the government had some balls. Instead, Congress has been in power for most of the short time both the countries have been independent. Congress doesn't do anything to escalate the situation because they don't want to hurt the sentiment of their precious Muslim vote-bank, Pakistan doesn't do anything for fear of making the US angry. But both sides do send covert-ops teams to duke it out. There's trained insurgents in Kashmir making life hell for the Hindus who haven't left yet. The ones who have left have been living in refugee camps for the past decade. The Congress government still hasn't found a place for them to settle down, and it still hasn't managed to get them basic needs like clean running water.

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    Pakistan has been a loose cannon in the middle east for a long time. Under Musharraf, it was more stable and predictable. it is quickly becoming a country where stability and trust in the government are really in question. The US continues to pour in aide to Pakistan, but even so it's influence is waning. Other than it's dispute over Kashmir, India is maintaining a cautious yet watchful eye over this very unstable neighbor. Hopefully, if war breaks out between the two, the US will see greater value in maintaining India as an ally than Pakistan.

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    Pakistan And India Were At War Three Times Because Many Indians Leaders Were Unfair With Muslims So Then Pakistan Fought To Become Pakistan.

    Source(s): My Mom And I'm Pakistani
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    Pakistan didn't separate from India... they separated from BRITISH India. India wasn't a nation of its own when Pakistan was founded. They were both founded together. The issue? Kashmir. A piece of land India claims was given to them by its leader, and Pakistan claims should have been their as according to rules laid by the British. They have fought each other 3.5 times to little avail.

    Bottom line - They are humans and as long as there is ego, humans will always fight each other for useless land.

    Peace and love people... try it sometimes!

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    Look up the location of the Kyber Pass prior to 1900 and after 1950...then check into the line that was drawn establishing the Country of Pakistan and shade in the tribal areas that were bisected or left in another unfriendly country

    Source(s): HINT: look into how moslems and hindu's get along
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    tribes were forced into a country without taking into consideration their religious beliefs...a line was drawn that said"on this side is India"...and "on this side is Pakistan"....muslims and hindoos don't get along too well

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