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If your husband got another woman pregnant, would YOU stay with him?

If the two of you were in a rocky marriage and you barely had sex anymore, would you stay with him if got another woman pregnant?

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    .I'm not a fan of cheating, so I'd likely not stay even if he didn't get her pregnant...seeing as he'd be financially obligating himself to some chick he'd screwed (for the next 2 decades basically), I'd consider us 'done'.

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    I personally would not

    i value my self way TOO MUCH to be with a man that does not love me..

    if my marriage would be going through some problems & my husband & i didn't have sex anymore & he went to another woman instead of me to resolve our issues, i couldn't stay with him..

    there's marriage counseling.. spending more time together.. talking things out..

    but cheating on your spouse is not the way..

    as much as i love my husband, i wouldn't stay with him if he cheated on me even if he didn't get the girl pregnant..

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    Sounds to me like you are right she is playing games with him. I would suggest to make sure that she in fact pregnant before you worry about anything else. Then I agree with everyone about a DNA test and then by all means that you can take the baby and raise it as your own. She can't give the child away without the fathers consent. Good luck to you both

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    No. You deserve to be happy and i say you get out of the marriage since he obviously chose a different path. Things will never be the same the moment he impregnated the other woman. You have a choice, the choice to be happy. So if you think you can live with him still then so be it but if its killing you every minute every second get out. :)

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    NO I wouldn't want to share my man with another woman, pregnant or not. If things were all ready going south then I would leave. I know I deserve better then that.

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    If the marriage was that rocky and he got someone else pregnant rather than trying to improve our own marriage than I really would have no desire or reason to be with him....would you???? I am not that insecure with myself....I would never need a man that bad...

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    I don't know the whole story, but I can honestly say that I would definitely leave him. It's a matter of self respect, and I personally wouldn't have respect for myself if I allowed someone to treat me that way and get away with it. There's plenty of guys out there that want to treat you good. My advice: say good riddance to the cheater and find yourself a decent guy :)

    Good luck!

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    Of course not! This is one of the worst acts of betrayal I can imagine. Illegitimate kids are not part of the marriage vows.

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    No, I could never forgive an affair. Now there is proof of an affair? While I do not blame the child, it still would be hurtful.

    The lack of sex and his cheating, go hand in hand. If you can honestly get past this, then go do all you can to make your marriage work. If you can not, this is okay too. You have to do what is right for you.

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    Dear Sarah,

    You did not indicate if you have kids that you are raising in your marriage.

    Stay married to him until you can position yourself to move out on your own. He is not worth suffering your life with.


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