What is the difference between a real emo, and a poser emo?

Ok, I was just wondering what the difference is between a real emo and a poser emo. What does a real emo look like and a fake one look like. When you explain to me (if you do) I'd prefer if you describe but pictures are fine. Thank you if you answered.

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    Personally, I think the entire new group is a bunch of posers.

    If this person has several of the following, you have a teeny-bopping poser on your hands:

    1.Too much makeup attacked by a three year old

    3. (for guys) stole not only their girlfriend's pants but also her HAIR STYLE

    4. They watch MTV for their favorite bands

    5. They like any fall out boy newer than under the cork tree

    6. constantly getting in trouble at school

    7. wearing black all the time, but not exactly gothic

    8. several piercings or tattoos

    9. vegan thin

    Real "emo" are those that actually fall under the umbrella of "Emotional Hardcore"

    here's how to tell if the person you are talking about is one of these original emo kids!!

    1. they look mostly normal because society has gobbled up their sense of style so now every one looks like them

    2. sneakers, like high tops, classic style my friend!!

    3. Shows of their favorite band in the form of buttons and possibly a messenger bag or shirt under a track or member's only jacket.

    4. Has glasses, and actually needs them

    5. Cropped hair or a normal do, girls with shorter hair, some times black but NOT ATTACKED BY FREKIN SCISSORSS!!!

    They would be picked on in school, even thrown in lockers, ect. but they still had their friends and their music, and that would never throw them in a locker

    Bands they like and can actually tell you about them and the feelings and emotion behind the songs:

    Jimmy Eat World

    Texas is the Reason



    Promise Ring

    Sunny Day Real Estate

    and yes even Weezer!!

    Sorry if I seem a bit ranty, I'm just irritated about how the entire culture was killed mercilessly by a bunch of 13 year oldteenybopperss who are trying to get back at their parents and barely listen to the songs they "love". It's amazing that when I first started high school my Definition was your general emo, but now, (im graduating 4 years later) We have a bunch of teeny boppers running around and taking over

    It changed that much in 4 years!!

    Around that same time emo and screamo started to blend alot, and now we have crap....

    sorry about the rant

    And if I've angered or offended any "emo" kids I have a message for you:

    Know where your music came from, they way some of you guys act its like a Christan not know who Jesus is

    Source(s): Growing up on classic and original emo (omg vinyl records YES!!!) and watching the world around me fall to my feet in a pile of smoking rubble and teeny boppers on parade.
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    • Brooke5 years agoReport

      I'm everything you described for being a real emo, but because I have a few piercings and I like Fall Out Boy's new music just as much as their old ones I'm a poser? That's stupid. I don't wear makeup. My hair looks normal. I don't watch MTV. I'm a good student and I dress normal. Am I a poser -_-

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  • huson
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    3 years ago

    Emo Poser

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  • 5 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    What is the difference between a real emo, and a poser emo?

    Ok, I was just wondering what the difference is between a real emo and a poser emo. What does a real emo look like and a fake one look like. When you explain to me (if you do) I'd prefer if you describe but pictures are fine. Thank you if you answered.

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  • 4 years ago

    I guess a real emo... google it and look at the images. It's that style. A poser would be someone who... I guess is just starting out with the style so they don't know much but they brag about how "emo" they are and such. That's my opinion. And I personally don't believe that cutting should be a major trait in that trend. I used to self harm and I did not call myself emo or wear the attire and I didn't brag about it or make up bullsh*t problems... Well I guess emos do exactly what I didn't so there you go.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Basically what everyone else said.

    All the mainstream, mall and emo-pop "emos" have something in common and that's not knowing anything about emo or where it came from. They'll try and tell you something different, but the facts are plain and simple that emo is a genre of music and not a person.

    A real emo is someone who fits under the hardcore label, they wouldn't label themselves "emo" to begin with. They listen to emotive hardcore/skramz (maybe some hardcore punk) bands and wear "normal clothes" because they know emo isn't about the fashion, or at least fashion associated with indie because of the reinvented 90s style.

    A poseur emo is all the emos you see today; they believe that it's about being emotional, self harming/depression/suicidal, wearing dark colours and all the other stereotypes out there. They're the ones that listen to emo-pop (which is a sub-genre of emo, mixed with pop punk. Emo-pops longer name is emo-pop punk) like MCR and FOB, believing that they're emo bands. They most likely believe that bands like Suicide Silence and Bring me the Horizon are "screamo", too.

  • 6 years ago

    A real emo kid likes diy real emo bands from the 90's. They dress normal, act normal and do not look like the stereotype poser emo mall kids. Everything is from diy shirts to diy music. They buy records from old bands that are oop. They go to diy small fests. Poser emo's like anything thrown out at them thats considered emo by the media, they do not research what emo is and have no idea emo existed since the early 90's. They are a trend and lame, as an example

    Real emo kid:

    - Owns many 90's real emo/real screamo oop (out of print) records

    - Listens to The spirit of versailles/Saetia/Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook/Jeromes dream

    - Wears diy band shirts

    - Doesnt dress like stereotypical mall posers

    - Doesnt look like a fairy with the haircut

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  • shetan
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    3 years ago

    Real Emo

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  • 10 years ago

    you cant really look like an emo. but if your a poser emo you will tell everybody you know that u cut your self but if your a real emo, you have emotions hiding behind your mask, most of them are depressed and we should try to help them. they are people just like you and me just with difficulties in their life.

    Source(s): me
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  • 10 years ago

    lol.. stereotypes and labels are soo immature. Heres what emo really means

    Emo stands for the music genre emotive hardcore, emote hardcore, or emocore.. It has nothing to do with being suicidal or cutting yourself, those are real problems not a label. It's not a style either, that's just what all these stereotyping idiots want you to think. Same thing for screamo, it's an emotive hardcore sub-genre. And emotive hardcore is a sub-genre from hardcore music.

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  • 10 years ago

    Emo is just a word. Maybe a music type but not a type of person.

    Labels are stupid.

    Labels are for food cans.

    Not people. Think about the concept... You'll get it.

    But really, most people would say fakes are just like stereotypes. And Real ones are just natural. Fakes try too hard.

    Sorry, it's sort of hard to explain when you don't believe in labels.


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