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Would you love for future President Palin to debate the pr0gressive hero Noam Chomsky?

Note that Mrs. Palin won a debate with Joe Biden,who later turned out to become vice president.Chomsky is just a liberal professor at a liberal university that indoctrinates future libs.

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    "Note that Mrs. Palin won a debate with Joe Biden"

    You must be high, or your memory is faulty. Watched that debate on youtube. She actually told the moderator that she felt it was perfectly okay if she just rambled and ignored the questions. Her performance was comical.

  • 4 years ago

    Funny, I didn't find him convincing & found his opponents much more effective. Maybe because I'm not a die hard fan of nonsense views on politics & false arguments. It's a well known fact in arguing --- if you aren't trying for real truth, & only aiming to "win" & make others look foolish, you can appear more effective. Truth & taking total views into account & aiming for solutions, can be a real obstacle in an argument. Pay close attention to dictators who were voted in originally... it's very much their style (this aim to win, ignore the truth). It's always easy to "put holes" in arguments... it's much harder to have real ideas & solutions. That's why it's a different game to campaign for office, than to run the office. It's why Chomsky manipulates well, but anyone skilled or intelligent is quickly put off by his arguments... unless they have an axe to grind with Israel or whatever & don't fact check or care about reality. =================== Chomsky - isn't so brillant & many feel that way. He's self congratulatory - a different concept. So Chomsky runs off people (MIT) -- that's generally the sign of an egomanic who's threatened because his work isn't all there... and needs to have control instead. Any one in math research will tell you, the greatly skilled folks have no trouble working together - even if they see things differently. It's only the facade ones that play games. Scaerdrys I'm a math graduate -- which is why I can see through the manipulation & lack of logic in Chomsky's comments. Including even in linguistics. When you have to use "large" words & overly complicate explanations, you're blowing smoke screens every time.... which was obvious when I persisted through to the core.

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    Yeah I'd be upset too that if I had a GED and couldn't go to one of the worlds best university's like MIT. Don't worry though buddy I'm sure Mcdonalds is hiring.

    Palin would just get confused by the long words Chomsky would use

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    10 years ago

    1. Biden destroyed her by ANYone's measure.

    2. Palin could not even friggin SPELL Noam Chomsky.

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  • 10 years ago

    Mrs. Palin won the debate with Biden? LMAO!

  • 10 years ago

    Future President Palin? Really? Seriously? Is this a trick question? You are freakin' me out.

  • 10 years ago

    chomsky spoke at a wisconsin gathering rec,'y,said nice words about palin,the tea prtiers,and goodole fox news,surprising .

    chomsky is no liberal but an anarchist who spoke on behalf of the terrorist (the jackal) illyich ramirez sanchez before a french court.sanchez is a born again muslim is doing life for his many murders

    with the bader-meinhoff gang,black september murders of israeli athletes in 72,smaller jobs for the plo,why chomsky would speak on behalf of this piece of cowplop is beyond me.

    sanchez also supports global jihad

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    10 years ago

    It would depend how much it pays for disgraced exGovenor Sarah I'm only in it for the cash Palin to participate.

  • 10 years ago

    Palin will never be president.

    And although I think Chomsky is a quack, I think he would manhandle her in a debate. She's a moron.

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  • all palin did was memorize her entire argument. She didnt even respond to Biden's comments. All she did was repeat she was told to

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