digital electronic trailer brake controller?

electronic brake controller for a trailer

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    Go to the dealership where you bought your pick-up, and make sure your pick-up has the towing package so you can pull your trailer. If your pick-up doesn't already have the towing package, you can ruin your transmission by pulling your trailer, especially if your trailer is loaded. They will also install the electronic trailer brake controller. Once it's installed, there will be a switch under the steering wheel column. When your trailer is loaded, use your trailer brake instead of your pedal brake. This will slow your trailer down so that your trailer won't jack-knife. Using the trailer brake also helps your pick-up brakes from wearing out so soon.

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    light-weight trailers (3000 lbs and fewer than) do no longer require trailer brakes. Trailers over 3000 lbs are required to have brakes. There are 3 sorts of trailer brakes. There are air brakes, that are oftentimes discovered on vehicles and tractor trailer rigs. they don't search for use on the style of trailer you're talking about. There are surge brakes, which have a hydraulic administration fixed on the trailer tongue. at the same time as the towing vehicle slows, the momentum of the trailer pushes adversarial to the ball, and this prompts the trailer brakes, those are effortless on condominium trailers (U-haul) and some boat trailers. There are electric powered brakes. those are managed via an electric powered brake controller, and are stressed into the vehicle brake gentle swap. once you hit the brakes,potential is dispensed to the electric powered brake actuators on the trailer and the brakes are utilized. The trailer brake administration might want to be adjusted to provide the right volume of braking potential being utilized to the trailer less than diverse circumstances. you want a lot less braking on an empty trailer than a loaded one. in case you'd be renting a trailer to bypass, you don't want a brake controller. A 4 flat wiring connector will provide the wiring for the light fixtures that you're going to desire, you may purchase an adapter seeing because the condominium trailers haven't any connectors on them. in case you'll purchase a trailer, settle on on the trailer (so that you realize what style of brakes you've) and then have the basic wiring and controller put in.

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    What do you want to know about it ?

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    ok cool. now that we know what it is....whats your question? ?????

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