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About the West Point Summer Leaders Seminar?

When I was a HS junior I received an invitation to the SLS and it said something about me having what it takes to be a leader because of my high grades/scores or whatever, but I ignored it because I had never heard of the SLS, had never applied to it, and I was actually a very poor student (less than 2.0 GPA, although I did have really high SAT and standardized test scores). I also thought that it was just another one of those things the military sends soon-to-be graduates to get them to enlist. But a few days ago I decided to look it up and it said that only a few out of all the juniors in the country are invited to go there, so I was thinking, did I accidentally pass up a really good opportunity there? And what exactly is the Summer Leaders Seminar anyways?

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    West Point SLS invites 1000 precandidates for a week during June of the summer between junior and senior years of high school. Over half are typically offered appointments to West Point. The video does a good job of explaining West Point SLS:

    I have never heard of West Point sending invitations to precandidates who did not apply for admission to SLS. A precandidate applies for admission to SLS between mid December and April 1 of his junior year of high school. If you wanted to earn an appointment to West Point, then you passed up a good opportunity. If you had a less than 2.0 GPA but high test scores they probably would have sent you to Usmaps for a year. If the Usmaps year was successfully completed, you then would have been offered an appointment to West Point. Usmaps students are paid far more than West Point Cadets.

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    they do no longer. Its no longer worth it to them to attempt you. most of the babies who pass to SLS dont get whatsoever. It takes perpetually to do the sorting out whilst your a precise cadet. Takes approximately 2 hours for each business enterprise. hear to SSG ROGERS nevertheless, hes appropriate. in case you do drugs, you shouldn't pass to West element. West element is for the international locations appropriate, no longer pot human beings who smoke.

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