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What do you think of these names?

These are characters for a soap/story for fun, what do you think of these names, tell me if you think the names fit the character and you can also give name ideas that fit the character as well. I've also came up more then one name and which one do you think fits the character more?

Character 1: Callie Gene Bradford or Zoey Gene Bradford - Eugene & Calliope's daughter - age -around 22/23/24 - She is funny like her parents, fun to be around, loves fashion and shopping, bubbly, outgoing, makes people laugh, life of the party, beautiful like her mother.

Jonathan Evan Black - John & Marlena's son - around 24/25/26 - Kind of the bad boy type, but is sweet. Leather Jacket jeans type of guy. good looking.

Sophie Christina Kiriakis - Justin & Adrienne's daughter - age - around 20/21/22/23 - Has 4 older brothers all in thier 20's, 1 is her half brother, twin adoptive brothers, and her full bio brother. Her father is a lawyer and comes form a rich and powerful family, she is named after his mother and grandmother. She is very popular with the guys and is beautiful like her mother, she loves shopping and Fashion, likes to party and is the life of the party, outgoing,, she is nice but also can have an attitude.

Landon Shawn Brady - Bo & Carly' son - age - around 24/25/26 - Father is a cop and Mother is a doctor, he also wants to be a cop like his father is a fun guy can be stubbon though. Good looking.

Ethan Fredericks DiMera or Evan Anthony DiMera - Tony & Anna's son - twin to Annabelle - age - around 24/25/26 - Father is rich/powerful family, fun guy and makes you laugh, but also can be very serious too, good looking, protective of his twin sister.

Annabelle Elise DiMera - twin to Ethan - age - around 24/25/26 - - Loves to shop/fashion, beautiful like her mother, guys just flock around her. Fun, likes to party and she is nice, but also has an attitude too. Carefree. Here are some other names.






Hey Sara thanks, I let you know if I've got any questions.

You are very helpful.

Update 2:

Justin is her father's name and Alexander is one of her brothers names.

Update 3:

Sophie's brothers are named...

Alexander Kiriakis II

Joseph "Joey" Kiriakis

Victor Kiriakis II

Jackson Kiriakis

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    Character 1: Zoey Gene Bradford (the other name sound to much like one of the parents) & change Gene to Jean

    Jonathan Evan Black is good but for more of a 'bad boy' i would choose Johnny Evan Black - and with the 'Johnny' it also sounds sweet coz its like a nickname - but if you're gonna use 'jonathan' or 'johnny' change the parents name of 'john' unless there is a specific reason for them having basically the same name.

    Now with Sophie Christina Kiriakis - she meant to be greek right? if she is i would go for more enthic names. So you could turn Sophie to Sophia, but if you don't want to do that I would definitely change her fathers name Justin because if he's older im pretty sure he will have a more enthic name, so you could try, Alexander, Peter, George, Nick etc -- look here for more info:

    I say change justin because i have never come across a greek named justin

    The name Landon Shawn Brady goes well.

    Instead of Ethan Fredericks DiMera and Evan Anthony DiMera, try Nathan Anthony DiMera

    Annabelle sounds very nice and suits her personality. I dont like Alexis, Laken or Tess -- too much.

    Hope that helped :D Feel free to ask anymore questions

    then i reckon change justin's name to Nicholas sounds better, justin all i think is justin timberlake

    & the sophie's brothers names sound fantastic, but iw ould change sophie to sophia to give that more europe sense

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    Sophia Elizabeth Sophia Grace Madison Grace Madison Victoria Mia Isabella Natalie Sophia Natalie Grace Lily Sophia Lily Grace Hannah Elizabeth Hannah Grace Hannah Charlotte Alexis Victoria Alexis Charlotte Charlotte Elizabeth Charlotte Grace Charlotte Victoria Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Evelyn Sarah Lillian Savannah Elizabeth Savannah Alexis Savannah Grace Evelyn Grace Evelyn Charlotte Victoria Evelyn Victoria Elizabeth Ella Grace Ella Charlotte

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    1. Callie is better I think for your description. I also would consider somethng like Sadie or Melissa (popular about 25 yrs ago)

    2. I dont see Jonathan as a bad-boy. Seems like a cute boy to me. Maybe... Donovan? Or Chris? Damon?

    3. Sophie is perfect for that descrption.

    Or something like Lillian/Connie/Vivienne/Rosie would fit too.

    4.Landon - doesnt seem "coppy". Maybe Brandon??

    5.Ethan over Evan

    6.Annabell is the best I think.

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    Those names are blah. I like these better:

    La'queesha Obamaneeka Mubongo.

    Shadanaynay Keneeshanique Barackkabamama

    Masheeka Tyrika Ma'Shonday

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