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Has anyone ever heard of The Allen Platt case?

It took place in the 50's and it involved my great-grandparents on my dad's side. They were treated bad because of their dark skin because they were full blooded native american and everyone thought they were of African orgin. Sheiff McCall was also a big part of this, I was just wondering if anyone heard of it.

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    This school segregation case, which received national media attention at the time, involved Allen Platt, who moved his family (including five children and a niece) from Holly Hill, South Carolina to Mount Dora (Lake County), Florida in October, 1954. Platt and his family considered themselves of Croatan Indian and Irish descent. The children began to attend White schools in Mount Dora (as they had in South Carolina), but some of their classmates commented to their parents about the Platt children’s dark skin. The sheriff of Lake County, Willis V. McCall, a White supremacist, visited the Platt home, rudely examined and photographed the children, and “deciding that they were Black” advised them to stay away from school until he could “investigate”. His action was supported by the principal, superintendent, and school board. Platt wrote the governor of Florida that “I then, now, and will continue to refuse to send [my children] to a ***** school” (Start, “The Platt case,” para. 4). The Platts’ landlord received a threat that their house might burn down if they were not evicted—so he asked the family to move.

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