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Trying ot locate a book , "The Alaskan"?

I am not good at operating a computer hence this question James Oliver Curwood wrote a book 'The Alaskan" and Is the hero's name in this book Wade Carlson? There are several books named The Alaskan and I am trying to sort through them and locate this special book. Other names in this book were Martha, Alice,and Mitch, Boots, and The Swede. Any help much appreciated!


More, someone who has read this book please advise me if the list of character I posted match the characters in this book.I am a shut in and impossible for me to get to a library!

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    Yes, there is a book named "The Alaskan" by James Oliver Curwood. Written in 1922. Amazon does have it available in paperback, audio, and kindle. You say you are not good at operating a computer? If you wouldn't be inclined to order through Amazon, why not check at your library? If they don't have it, they no doubt can get it for you through ILL (Inter Library Loan)

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