ap world history topic?

analyze continuties and changes in patterns of interactions along the silk roads from 200 b c e to 1450

I dont really understand wat its asking but is it pretty much asking for ppl who interacted? but then again how does it involve changes. One thing that i did think abt is that central asia were involved in trading and communication but overtime africans and middle easterners joined in the trade. someone pls explain the topic to me

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    It's a continuity and change question that doesn't give you your categories of analysis. That means you'll have to comee up with them on your own. Personally, I would choose cultural interaction, economic interaction, and civilizations that are interacting.

    Your thesis paragraph might sound something like this:

    "The Silk Road was perhaps the most important of several ancient trade routes, particularly known for its role in connecting the Western world with the Asian world. From 200 BCE to 1450 CE, many changes and continuities occurred in terms of interaction along the Silk Road. These changes and continuities are best analyzed when cultural interaction, economic interaction, and civilizations participting are considered. Cultural interaction manifested itself in changes such as the introduction of Chinese technologies (such as gunpowder and the compass) to other societies, but remained consistent in that some religions (particularly Buddhism) were diffused along the Silk Road throughout the entire specified period. Economic interaction remained largely consistent, especially as the goods exchanged remained largely the same; however, these goods did vary in demand throughout the period. Finally, the civilizations that participated in the Silk Road trade remained essentially the same, with European societies at one end and China at the other; but it should be noted that Europe varied in terms of political centralization during this period, which resulted in participation of different societies at different times, and several Chinese dynasties rose and fell during this period, wihch likewise affected the participants in Silk Road trade."

    That's a super comprehensive thesis paragraph, by the way. You wouldn't need to include that much information in yours.

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