Writing a story, please comment, rate, and change the names of characters?

I'm writing a novel slightly based on my life and I have a fairly strange taste in names. I have named most of the characters already but, I was wondering what people would think of them. It would be amazing if you could suggest different names for the following characters as well as rating and commenting on the names I've already given to my characters. Thanks!

Ilana Noelle Richards- Her hair is ice blonde, eyes emerald green, and she has a light tan and is on the tall side. She's the main character. I tried to make her a lot like me. She's really dramatic and snooty and she causes a lot of trouble. Her main love in life is fashion and she's super creative.

Lola Nicolette Taylors- She's a fiery redhead with blue eyes, fair skin, and average height and weight. I based her off of a few of my friends and she's kind of shy but shares Ilana's love for fashion. She's also her best friend and main supporter.

Kendall Phillips-She has dark hair, olive skin, and dark eyes, she's also shorter. I still need a middle name for her. She's a victim of Ilana's and she makes Ilana do really crazy things.

Chace-He's a tall brunette with blue eyes and a jock who is currently dating Kendall. Ilana and Chace used to be an item. I need a middle name and a last name for him as well as who you think he should end up with. Ilana or Kendall?

Blake-He's Ilana's best guy friend but he needs a middle and last name. He's a brunette with a great smile and pretty hazel eyes. He's really supportive and kind of a slacker that likes to body build.

Chloe-She also needs a middle and last name. I'm not sure what she's going to look like yet but I could use some help. She's outspoken and witty but Ilana always butts heads with her.

Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate anyone who is willing to help me tackle this gigantic project.

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    For Names

    Ilana Noelle Richards - I generally don't like names with the combination of I and L next to each other because in many cases they look the same and it is annoying. However, I do like Noelle Suggestions for first name: Elana, Alana, Darcy, Tessa

    Lola Nicolette Taylors - Love it! Maybe just Taylor of the last name, so not all your last names have "s" at the end.

    Kendall Phillips - This name doesn't work for me, when I read it, I hear "Ken Doll" like Barbie's companion. Suggestions: Claire, Charlotte, Ella

    Chace - This looks spelled wrong, it should be Chase. But I really like it for the character. Middle and Last Name suggestions: Chase George Elliott, Chase Edward Brady

    Blake - Love it! Middle and Last Name suggestions: Blake Andrew Sterling, Blake Jonathan Malray

    Chloe - Love the name and I could see her as a brunette with grey eyes. Middle and Last Name Suggestions: Chloe Marie St. Clair, Chloe Daphne Jackson

    Source(s): Just as a side note: be careful when you base characters off people you know in real life especially yourself, because it makes the writing a little harder and it is more difficult then for you to be objective and disconnect from your characters. Good Luck!!!
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    Holly Veronica Anderson Karen Rebecca James- nine/10 cool Hannah-Grace Susan Peters- 6/10 excellent Pauline Isobel Clerry- four/10 adequate Helen Josephine Arnold- four/10 adequate Roy Timothy Pennington- five/10 i just like the identify Timothy Arthur Johnathon White- eight/10 cool Henry Vincent Malley- four/10 adequate Robert Thomas Blake- eight/10 cool

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    I love them names !!

    Blake Zachary

    Chace Daniem

    Chloe Louise

    Kendall Addison

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