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Anonymous asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationHunting · 1 decade ago

does the Super RedHawk Alaskan 454 have a safety at all?

i'm thinking of ordering one, i downloaded the manual but not too sure if it has a safety at all so it doesn't mistakely gets fired.


to the person below i already made plans to take a class with the criminal justice department with the local college here before i even buy a handgun and then after i buy the handgun i will take another class with the local shotting club. and the only reason why i want a 454 is to defend me in the mountians other then that i'm not much into hunting or guns

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It doesn’t have a safety that prevents the trigger or the hammer from moving as some other firearms have. The only thing it has as a safety feature is the transfer bar. Here is a crude drawing of it;

    Its designed so to reduce accidental discharge. You see unless the trigger is held back the transfer bar will not be in position where the hammer can strike it. And the hammer has to hit the transfer bar in order for the transfer bar to hit the firing pin. This is a good desighn feature because some old revolvers had to be loaded with the hammer down on an empty chamber. A old revolver with the hammer down on a live round was VERY dangerous as it could go off from being dropped. So with the Ruger Alaskan you can load all the cambers which is a plus.

    The Ruger Alaskan is built like a tank and extreamly dependable. They are nice for very close range protection. The only problems some have with them is the fierce recoil and muzzle jump. But that’s common with short barreled magnum revolvers.

    Check out this review of that revolver with photos of its recoil in the hands of an experienced shooter;

    See how that thing comes back on him? I know a few Alaskans, who bought one, took it out and shot it and the gun flew right out of their hands with the first shot. I know others that can fire it with one hand no problem. I like the gun but prefer a longer barrel. For those who can handle it accurately it’s a very nice revolver and great for that “close encounter of the bad kind”.

    I strongly recommend you shoot one before you buy one. Its VERY loud and has a huge muzzle flash in low light conditions. Had a guy shoot a porcupine in the dark next to me in our camp. I couldn’t see a thing for a bit because the muzzle flash temporally blinded me. (He missed the porcupine lol)

    Here is what that flash looks like in daylight;

    Hope this helps you.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have a super redhawk 454 casull, with the 7" barrel. Great guns. I also have a buddy that has the alaskan model. He bought it to pack while bow hunting in grizzly country. Brutal little bugger. First to answer your question, no manually operated safety, the heavy trigger pull is safety enough, so none is needed. If I were you, I would definitely shoot a 454 before you buy one. They aren't for the timid. However, I carry mine often in the mountains and am glad to have it if the need ever arises to use it against a bear. I have shot a bison with mine, and it performed even better than I could have hoped. One advantage the 454 does have, you can shoot 45 long colts out of it, and I would advise you to shoot a lot of 45's out of it to get comfortable with it before you attempt a casull load. And then be prepared. The difference between the colts and the casulls are night and day. The closest I can come to describing the recoil, it feels like someone hits the end of the barrel with a sledgehammer.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The safety on nearly every modern day revolver is the same. Its the common sense between your ears. No magic levers to flip. Pick up gun. If you don't pull the trigger, nothing happens. If you pull the trigger, it goes bang. So far as the .454 in a pistol round, good luck against dangerous game. If you intend to carry to ward off two legged predators, save your money and buy a good quality .357 Magnum. If you're looking into a dangerous game defense gun, look at Marlin's guide gun chambered in .450 Marlin. Its no bigger than a Winchester saddle gun, but packs a real punch.

    Don't let some mook talk you into a hand cannon that you don't need.

    Source(s): 40 years of accumulating guns 'n ammo. Certified instructor. You get an "A" for asking a question that most people should be asking. Too many characters running around with firearms and no knowledge of how they work.
  • 1 decade ago

    1 that gun has no safety [Other than transfer bar]

    2 454 LOL ..LOL obviously know nothing about guns...bigger is not better

    3 borrow or buy a ruger 22..shot a brick [500 rounds] then buy a 38/357

    4 you will not be happy carrying that boat anchor more than 50 feet,,,its giant had heavy

    5 guns are fired by pulling the trigger the mistake would be pulling the trigger..

    Source(s): 40 yr NRA life member
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  • akluis
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    yes, it has a transfer bar safety, which means it won't fire from being dropped.

    It is a double action revolver, which means to fire it requires the trigger to be pulled with about 12lbs of force. This is not something that happens by mistake.

    MOST handguns to NOT have safety switches/buttons/latches/or catches.

    Most that DO have that feature are designed to use that feature after the hammer is ******.

    your interest in a firearm in 454 with know knowledge of basic revolver functionality tells me you have ZERO firearm experience, and you better get some.

    the most important safety is your brain, you aren't using yours, and someone around you is going to get hurt because of it.

    Guns are NOT toys

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    that sounds awesome. i used to match my brothers redhawk 44 with my super blackhawk. A .454 coming out of that frame would pretty much be all about business. I don't see a reason for a safety. unless a person has a definate intent and is proficient, the weapon is fairly just a fireworks show.All be it, a big one. In the proper hands it would be a weapon of massive destruction.

  • lareau
    Lv 4
    4 years ago


    Source(s): Learn Personal Defence
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