mother's day

mother's day.what can id for mother???????


mother's day.what can i do for mother???????(eng writting)

Update 2:

mother's day.what can i do for mother???????(eng writting)80words

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    10 years ago
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    Mother's day-What can I do for mother?

    Love your mother every day including Mother's day. Make her happy by being kind and patient to her. Help her with house chores especially when she is not well or tired. Spend some time with her everyday talking and listening so that you know each other well. On holidays, take your mother to places she likes to go such as restaurants, cinemas and parks. Lastly say a big thank you to your dear mother. She will be the happiest mother in the world!

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    10 years ago

    Commiting to be a obedient boy is a must and thus your mum will feel comfortable. Since a lot of attention and effort have to be put on taking care of you, this can reduce the stress of your mum. Also, during mother's day, I can celebrate with her by having a feast in the shopping mall and prepare a boutique which implys my love to her. I deem that ,as my mother, she must feel my enthusiasm and faith.

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    Draw a card to your mother

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