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緒源 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

This my live幫忙修改內容and翻譯

Everyone has 24 hours a day. You can do whatever you like in your 24 hours.

This is your life.

Take me for an example, I am a student so I always study for my schoolwork. No matter on week or weekends.

In addition to studying on the weekend, I also do some interesting things to release my pleasure on schoolwork.

I like to listen to the music in my free time,

When I listening to the music, I enjoy the melody and the lyrics.

Music always let me forget all of the bad things in my life.

Surfing the Internet is another thing that I enjoy.

I can play online games, write my blog, chat with my friends even more on the internet, going these things always make me happy.



And this is my life.

Sometimes you may think that your is boring or terrible.

Try to find some interesting activities to make your life more colorful.

Maybe your life is not as terrible as you think.

Enjoy your life.




謝謝. p.s 不要翻譯機的


題目是 This is my life ((每次都打成live -_-))


要比賽用的 :)

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    I also participute in subject-matter report competitions or skill match

    in school to fulfill my life.

    Because I am a senior vocational high school student,

    certifications are indispensable to me.

    Thus, I always take part in the tests proactively recommended by school.

    Global warming is an issue which is important all over the world.

    So, I always join some volunteered activites about save our planet in my free time.

    such as the beach and the environment cleaning up work.

    I know there are many unfortunate children in the world.

    Therefore, I also participate fundraising campaign to help them.



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