Help with a space station name?

For a science project, we have to make a space colony. My group's colony is going well, but we need a name.

Well, sort of.

We need words for the acronym "SHARK." Long story short, after naming the Space Time Aerial Research Facility Inquiring Space Habitats (STARFISH), we promised one of our group's members that the colony itself could be named "SHARK." We need the words to fill the acronym, though.

My best idea: Space Habitat and Research Kolony. I know, colony's spelled wrong, but it's the best I got. Any suggestions/improvements would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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    1 decade ago
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    Space Habitat for Active Research and Knowledge

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    5 years ago

    Sending the crew out there is the expensive part. Extremely expensive. You have to go all the way to the Moon (accelerate the stuff and the people to 11 km/s), then land on the Moon (braking against 1/6 gravity is not free), take off from the Moon again (some of the people would insist on being brought back alive) which takes more fuel, then arrive back at Earth at 25,000 mph (11 km/s) and... hope for the best. In comparison, the shuttle only needs to reach a little less than 8 km/s to achieve orbit. Drop off the material (which, being in the cargo hold of the shuttle, is already in the proper orbit) and the people. Those who insist on coming back, hop back into the shuttle which simply needs to brake a bit, causing it to drop into the atmosphere at a safer speed of 17,000 mph. Also, on the Moon, you do not get any of the benefits of being in orbit (e.g., microgravity experiments). On the space spation, the "lifeboat" is a simple Soyouz capsule. You hop in, separate, brake a bit... and you fall back to Earth. From the Moon, you'd need a much more elaborate space vehicle as a "lifeboat". Of course, if YOU have the money to build a Moon base, go right ahead.

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    1 decade ago

    Use Kibbutz instead of Kolony. It's an Israeli word, the meaning is below.

    a collective farm or settlement owned by its members

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