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what products can i use everyday to keep my hair clean, but not dry it out?

I'm really hygienic and I have to wash my hair everyday. My hair isn't greasy, but I just can't go a day without. I know washing your hair everyday is bad and it strips hair of natural oils, so I use an organic daily shampoo and conditioner and it still doesn't work. I also use deep conditioner and leave in conditioners. My hair is so dry and I don't have money to get it cut all the time and I can't afford special hair treatments all the time. I also stopped straightening, blow-drying, and dying my hair. My hair is very curly and it looks really bad if I don't wash it. I saw commercials that tresemme has hair products (like hairsprays etc.) you can use that supposedly clean your hair, so if any of you have tried it can you tell me what you think?

I know I'm probably just sh*t out of luck, but thanks for the answers anyway. :)


Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners would be very helpful too. :)

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    ohh my god!!!! I have the exact hair that you have!! DOnt you HATE it!! I wash my hair, gets extremely curly, i wake up and its like all puffy and EXTREMELY frizzy, and just dry and grosssss!!!! Ughhhhhhh. I didnt know what to do. But what I did do, is when my hair dried after the shower I took, i applied this gloss to my hair.


    oh my god. it hydrated my hair SO well. I applied it. Then in the morning, it wasnt puffy, and huge. It was tamed. The only problem was that it was frizzy, so I use this product.


    My hair is still a little frizzzy at the top, but that is because it is damaged, and I have a ton of fly aways at the top, so it sucks!!!

    well, i hope I helped!!!!:D

    ***oh btw, I also use these aussie products when I take a shower




    ^^they are amazing! you should deff. go buy them****

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    you have to get used to not washing your hair so often. hair treatments dont work that well. start using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. if you dont wash your hair everyday its not dirty-if you wash it everyday youre washing clean hair. it was a myth that your hair need to be washed everyday to be clean so if you start telling yourself its clean maybe youll be able to cope with not washing it everyday. dry hair is worse than day old hair. it can get damaged and break off. powder will help soak up the excess oil if you really need to use it.

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    Use Paul Mitchell products out of your interior of sight salon. that's going to scent fruity and tropical. they have the appropriate smelling stuff that keeps your hair so sweaky sparkling. yet another trick: considering that your hair is blonde, you may to spotlight it so it does not look so dishwater blonde by skill of the tip of the day.

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    i was my hair everyday! i cant stand it! oily! ew!

    anyways! i use loreal vive pro! hydra


    very good for your hair. sooooo good.

    and herbal essences conditioner

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    i like bed head and paul mitchell products...they rocks! hope i helped...=)

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