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What are some of your conspiracy theories and whats your signs?

(Inspired by another question asked earlier)

I was wondering what are some conspiracy theories of the world that you believe in or have read about that are interesting.

Some of mine would be (well not mine but things I believe in):

The 9/11 attacks: I believe the government did it but obviously there is a lot more to it than that.

The Illuminati (An interesting subject I just discovered)

Paranormal things such as spirits, angels, demons etc

The goverment and how they are hiding a lot of things from us etc

So what are some of yours that you have heard of and what is your Sun, Moon and Rising signs.

Thanks everyone :)


Oh yes definitly, no surprise there.

Also the way one of the towers just collapsed. Those towers were made to be able to withstand a possible plane crash. The way it collapsed also indicates a controlled demolition. Also missales and bombs were heard exploding and seen as well.

Also whats strange is that one of the planes did not look nothing like a passenger plane, it had no windows at all and did not look like your normal flight. It really makes you think

Update 2:

Yes the Illuminati thing is strange too. I think that there is a lot more to some of the "stars" in the music industry than meets the eye. I also find it strange about Tupac and Micheal Jackson too. Very suspicious.

Update 3:

I agree Opicichus, there is a lot more to this world than meets the eye and I wish others would open their eyes and take as proper look at what has become of our "society".

Update 4:

Oh for everyone interested in the Illuminati or would like to read more, check out this site. It goes into detail analyizing some music videos from the people said to be most involved in the Illuminati from the music industry. I found some of the articles to be very interesting reading.

Update 5:

Yes I know, more and more music videos such as those from Rihanna and Lady Gaga are throwing more and more Illuminati and Satan symbols into their videos. Even some of the lyrics head towards that direction. Its terrible.

Update 6:

Tiacola: Those are very interesting theories about the weather control and NASA Blue Beam Project. I haven't heard too much about it but I will look into it. It seems so scary but fascinating how they can do this and get away with it.

Update 7:

Aqua: Everything, just whatever you believe in that could be considered a conspiracy theory, such as 9/11, Illuminati etc. Anything :)

Tiacola: Thats a scary thought that they are looking to microchip us all. Soon they will have total control over us. Sometimes I think that vaccines are some way of control too.

Update 8:

Yes exactly Tiacola! The Swine Flu thing is what made me suspcious. Thankfully I never got the vaccine even though it was offered. I didn't contract Swine Flu either. Those "diseases" are just another way for the government to control the population and cut it down. I hate how they get away with it.

Update 9:

6% Body Fat, I see what your saying. I think that there are lots of discreet little messages out there in everyday things secretly telling us what to do by slowy controlling our minds. Its ridiculous!

Update 10:

Why is everyone getting thumbs down for? Goodness if people can't accept other peoples opinions, I don't know!

Update 11:

Marla: I completly agree with you and I do not think your nuts. That has always been another one of my theories too. I also believe that is how we have advanced in technology so much. I mean how can we go from nothing to suddenly being so advanced in everything. I have a feeling that technology will be the downfall of civilisation as well as government some day. People are relying on machines and technology too much and forgetting about what matters most as well as not being able to think for themselves. I haven't heard of this project but I will certainly check it out.

Update 12:

That video is very interesting. It brings even more things to think about.

Update 13:

That video was very interesting. It brings even more things to think about.

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    Get ready for some Dale Gribble conspiracy theories here :)

    I honestly believe that the Illuminati runs everything in this world and they have nothing but evil intentions. Even in the media and especially in music. What better way to subliminally reach people. I don't think it's a coincidence that almost every music artist and even Presidents are throwing up the devil horns like it's an everyday thing. Hell, almost everyone in general throws it up. Then there's the all seeing eye along with the pyramid showing up in soo many music videos, commercials, even logos. I think that these things are being drilled into our heads so we'll be used to it and think it's normal. Oh yeah, a lot of artists knowingly promote what the Illuminati stands for. The main one being Jay-Z. Notice how everyone that comes into contact with him goes down such a weird and dark path (Rihanna and Beyonce are the most noticeably changed). Plus, if you look at his clothing line he has the pyramid and all seeing eye all over it. Not to mention he's always throwing it up. That's when he holds his hands up in the shape of a pyramid and looks through it with one eye. Everyone gets close to him starts throwing that up too. If you want to be creeped out look up "interview with an ex-illuminati member" on youtube.

    I also believe that the government is definitely using HAARP to control the weather and wipe out certain groups of people. The weather is all screwed up now because of them effin with it. This past winter there was snow on the ground at 49 states at one time. That's not normal. The weather in general has just been really weird and unpredictable.

    I won't go into detail about Project Blue Beam cause it would take too long but I'll just say this. The two reporters that were brave enough to write an article about this secret NASA project both died of heart attacks shortly after. The daughter of one of the journalists also died a mysterious death. As we move closer to 2012 they'll be using PBB more and more. They know that people expect to see something on that date and believe me they will take full advantage of that. They're gonna put on quite a show and a LOT of people will fall for it too. Don't believe everything you see in the sky ;)

    edit: Yep, the attacks on 9/11 are very suspect. I saw videos of small explosions at the base of the building. There were architects also saying that the weight of the debri from the plane wouldn't be enough to take down the buildings because of the massive steel beams that were used to construct the towers. Just like you said too, those planes were NOT passenger planes. There were even witnesses on the ground saying how they were not. I'll believe them over the government anyday. A famous filmmaker by the name of Aaron Russo posted a video saying how Nick Rockefeller (biggest Illuminati family) told him about what was going to happen on 9/11 long before it happened.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Nick He also mentioned how they were going to put microchips in all of the population. Those chips are real too. There has already been a family and a police officer to willingly have the rfid chip implanted into their hands. Scary scary stuff.

    edit: Girl, you are on point! LOL Vaccines definitely play into the scheme of things. I'm so glad you brought that up. The swine flu "pandemic" is what showed me how harmful they are. The gov kept using the word pandemic to scare people into getting vaccines. Why? The vaccines contain thimersol (a low dose of mercury) which is very harmful to the human nervous system. The link between autism and vaccines isn't a coincidence in my opinion at least. Less people can become aware of what's going on around them if they have autism. Plus, more people died from the seasonal flu than from the swine flu therefore the whole pandemic crap was an outright lie.

    I love that you're so openminded about this kind of stuff! :)

    Source(s): Aquarius (shouldn't be too shocked by that) lol
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    4 years ago

    Going to war makes usa more money. When america goes to war they have to borrow money from the central bank. In return the central bank receives these pieces of paper that basically say I.o.u. Also the owner of the WTC took out an insurance deal on the WTC. When the WTC is demolished the guy gets LOADS of money. Many others have benefited off 9\11 Bin laden and suddam Husain's live got worst after 9/11, suddam was actually hung. They didn't benefit from 9/11. The dumbest conspiracy theory?? No it must be the least dumb and most convincing conspiracy theory's i've ever heard.

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    1 decade ago

    Interesting question and answers.

    There are some many conspiratorial agendas at work. This must involve the suppression of information that counters those agendas.

    However, it is extremely important to understand that just because something may be unsupportive of a conspiratorial agenda doesn't make it the truth.

    For example, even if 9/11 was an inside job (and it was of course, because the twin towers were clearly demolished with explosives) it doesn't mean that Islam is actually a religion of peace.

    Or if George Bush claims to be a Christian, it doesnt mean that Christianity is false, it doesnt mean that he is truly a Christian, or that his deeds are supported by the teachings of Jesus. If George Bush is an Illuminati, or something similar, he'd actually have an agenda to try and make Christianity look bad, since Luciferian secret societies see true Christians as their enemy.

    I think its important to examine, study, review carefully all issues of great importance. When I see a documentary that makes claims against something, its best to examine if those claims are valid and if the sources they refer to are actually accurate and trustworthy. Like some people say that the various false gods of ancient religions were born on December 25th also... But the Bible does not indicate that Jesus was born on December 25th. There is a very interesting documentary about the Star of Bethlehem called 'The Star' which explains some of the astronomical signs that accompanied Jesus' birth, life and crucifixion.

    I used to have very different opinions that what I have now... When I realised I might be wrong about some things, and I had a thirst for knowledge, I began to learn and realise how wrong I had been.

    The FDA is certainly involved in conspiracy. I mean, they are basically the best friends of big tobacco, big pharma and big food. They say aspartame is safe (artificial sweetener) but its linked to really bad tumors. Sweet Misery A Poisoned World is a great documentary on the subject.

    I think we should always be looking to support the people who strive to be honest, have integrity, and provide solutions. For example, I really like an electric cigarette called Green Smoke. Its high quality, and a great alternative for people who struggle with smoking addiction. Produces totally safe water vapor with nicotine in it. I know quite a lot of people who are aware of the conspiracies, but they still smoke, which is sad. I will start recommending Green Smoke. OTher e-cig brands are really cheaply made and arent worth bothering with. Check it out yourself at the link below.

    Source(s): Green Smoke - Whats in a cigarette? -
  • Sam
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    1 decade ago

    *The 2000 election. My thoughts are that George Bush stole the election with the right arm of his nephew Jeb, the swing state's governor. I wouldn't be surprised if there were ballot boxes literally floating in the ocean. Meanwhile the supreme courts drove the getaway vehicle, they had their favorite, and arbitrarily ordered the counting stopped in a fascist move to advance their interests.

    *Jack Kennedy's assassination. I believe that the CIA orchestrated his death, possibly as their opinion on foreign policy was in conflict with his and he also wanted to disband them. Meanwhile the CIA was growing more and more of an independent organization than a faction of government. I don't accept Lee Harvey Oswald was the trigger man, and I think that Jack Ruby was additional coverup. I am quite frankly petrified of the CIA, and believe they control the better part of the country, special interest business has the other half.

    Virgo sun/ Cancer moon/ Pisces rising

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    i once thought that there were "super-corporations" and competition was just an illusion to keep the public entertained. I was high when I came up with that one lol [its harder to explain what I actually mean. I'd probably have to be high again for you to possibly get an idea of what I meant, and even then it'd probably be just MORE confusing lol.

    Uhh.. I believe that "Happy Meals" at fast food chains put toys in their meals trying to get kids attached to the toys they offer, so that they adapt a taste and familiarity with that restraunt so that they return as an adult and eventually are dependant on the food. This was a theory I developed in writing a paper for English 1020 in college on childhood obesity as well as "miracle weight-loss pill" misrepresentation.

    I agree the government hides things from us... A lot of things. That's the problem with giving too much power to the gov. and not the people. Perhaps some things we're better off not knowing [to reduce the chance of panic] but I believe theres more than enough corruption and deceit involved as well.

    I believe in aliens, ghosts, angels, demons, all that mess lol.

    I also believe "depression" and ADD are a lie. Its hard to believe that people today suffer from anymore stress than our forefathers or anyone else since the dawn of time. It's an excuse for money rotation in industries that are desperate for more.

    I believe global warming is a lie as well. The problem with Gore's approach is it has absolutely nothing that could be considered visible proof. He has charts and glaciers melting. 1] Charts can be blown up or deflated to say anything you want them to. [increasing/decreasing numbers to make change look greater than it really is]. The earth is a living thing. It goes through cycles just as other living things do. It has survived thousands of year's of mankind's abuse.. it's vain to think we are destroying it. Capable? Yes. Doing it? No.

    Source(s): Cancer/Leo male
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    1 decade ago

    I'm with the 9/11 one. it's odd...the government is definitely hiding many things from us. I'll never trust them. EVER. I want to debunk them and find out what's really going on.

    Yes, the illuminati is interesting too. I've been reading about them lately, and could probably be. Even though it seem so unlikely, it's probably something actually happening...

    I believe in the Paranormal. There has got to be something like that that's unexplained.

    Source(s): Virgo
  • 1 decade ago

    I'd say the Illuminati in the music industry, that's some pretty crazy stuff! It seems like a majority of the musical artist I enjoy listening to apart of it, like Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, Beyonce etc... TuPac and Micheal Jackson were going to try to expose them and they died, seems weird huh?

    Aquarius Sun

    Capricorn Moon

    Gemini or Scorpio Rising (Not sure since two different astrology since one said Gemini and the other site stated Gemini)

    Source(s): I'm an Aquarius.
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    9/11 and the Jonestown massacure. I have many but these were the first 2 to come in my mind

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    All the above !

    And there are still some people who believe that AIDS was manmade and not a mutant/gene from the apes.

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    This is not a theory but is a fact but people are blind to see it. This country only cares one thing and only one thing, MONEY!.

    I can provide that by facts:

    Reason why we went to world war 1 is because of the submarine warfare and the Lusitania. The German U-boats were targeting what? The U.S and British merchant ships, if you target OUR MERCHANT SHIPS, you touched our money belt and we go, hey you guys are bad!. The first couple of years, the us was just lending WEAPONS (but not troops), we lent weapons and made the countries pay for borrowing them, so it was all about money too.

    World War 2, The Japanese destroyed what? PEARL HARBOR. The Japanese destroyed the ENTIRE PACIFIC FLEET (except for the carriers), so basically we couldn't make money in the pacific.

    Now I am going to jump ahead why we declared war after 9/11. Its not about the government. Its about money! WHAT BUILDING WAS DESTROYED? "THE WORLD TRADE CENTER". I don't even know how much money we lost when that happened.

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